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Jasmine dryer
16/F/drowing in emotion,    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED is it a trend just to cry? drowning in emotion is my devotion I'm 16 years old. Im a poet and young ...
jasmine fernandez
Indore, India.    A research scholar at IIT Indore, who loves translating her emotions into words.Words are not enough to translate them though it allows venting partly what ...
Jasmine smiles
no future, USA    The best bio is the worst description
Jasmine Hart
Jasmine Reid
19/F/Australia    i write bad poems most days
London    In reverse, I'm moving.
Jasmine Roper
Virginia    Physically young Mentally different Emotionally Insane
Jasmine Martin
Lagos, Algarve, Portugal    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality. ...
Jasmine Marie
Georgia    I write poems sometimes and sometimes they don't suck.
Jasmine Sylvia
Long Island    I've been swimming with the sharks for as long as I can remember, but I'm not dead yet.
Victoria Jasmine
florida    I like to write and read, ride fixed gears and kayak. All poems are property of myself. © Victoria Jasmine
jasmine sadeghyar
"there is a girl who never returns her library books. don't give her your heart - it's unlikely you will see it again." - lang ...
Ariel Jasmine Lafayette
21/F/Georgia    I write to quiet the storms from my past. To breathe a little easier.
19/F    A writer and photographer capturing moments in time and cultivating emotions
England    Hi! My name is Jazz, I am sixteen years old and I am from England. I'm studying Level 3 Performing Arts at college. I come ...
Jasmine Flower
coast of gold    For when all the paper in the world ceases to exist. ☾ instagram: jasyour ✹ tumblr:
17/F/Virginia    Poetry is the language that my soul speaks. My trauma unveils itself through metaphors. I use my poetry to bring to light what people often ...
24/F    Crossroads
'I think a lot, but I don't say much.' - Anne Frank
16/F    Southern California
Jasmine Lee Burke
Toronto ON    Hello my name is Jasmine. ~♥ I enjoy drawing, playing guitar, writing songs, singing & photography...~♥ My MBTI is INFP (•Introverted •Intuitive •Feeling & •Perceiving) ...
Jasmine Sanchez

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