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Jasmine Patrick Mar 2020
A warrior watching the blaze from his steed
Seeing his home, and a great need.
A need for fire breaks, a need for water
But his time to act is growing shorter

He moves, not wasting a second more,
Fighting until of no more flames he is sure.
His throat burns and scorched is his skin,
But no matter the consequences this fire won't win.

One last battle commences, both sides giving their all,
This God-risen warrior not daring to fall.
Smoke, ash and red is all he can see
But he fights until of fire, this house is free.
Jasmine Patrick Oct 2019
Pencil to paper I planned you
Stealing blueprints from the sunset streaked sky
Pencil to paper I drew each part of you
Not taking the chance that one mistake may slip by

Brush to palette each colour was made
Adding depth of character with every new shade
Stroke after stroke your beauty taking form
Bringing life to every plan that was drawn

The finishing touches are all that's left
And in the details is where your finest extravagance is kept
Your laugh, your curves, and your heart, are things I like best
Not to mention my highest regard for all of the rest

My dear child, O how you're not right
In thinking you are anything but a delight
Your features are exactly what I designed
When I had this masterpiece in mind

I see your unhappiness looking in the mirror
But about your worth I can't make it any clearer
That no matter the number when on the scales you step
Every inch of you has been beautifully kept

I made you, designed you, loved on you
So why not let Me decide the worth you are due
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