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Victoria Jasmine Oct 2014
You are the ocean
I can feel the love in waves with your breath
breathe deep, you cannot disagree
this is difficult for us, I know i'ts hard for me
I can feel your chest rise and fall when you are thinking, when your consciousness fades
up and down like our spirits, here and there like this rain
You are time and you stand still when it hurts
when I'm failed by words and my eyes avert
I want to open up and still feel strong
push on and push through it
my breath gets short when the silence is this long
we were wrong to ever agree to be less than this
to assume there's any force but love between us
You are joy, you are my boy.
I found you and the same day, I found bliss
You are the teacher who told me to find the comfort in the ignorance
Your assurance is insurance for everlasting happiness
there's a lot of comfort in a mattress on a floor
and maybe you're not quite home yet but you're always an open door
You are more
I wish I could find the words to tell you I want to find myself first
and when I can finally sing a song, know that you'll be the first verse
You are music, but will this be a whole note or a staccato burst?
I am the warmest when you defrost my ego,
You are the sun
I feel your warmth in a room full of people
You are a novel but I struggle to turn your pages
You are advancement but we move at different paces
in different shoes and separate sizes,
Same virtue and common views even some similar vices
You are words and I am realizing
You are the prizes well worth the prices
if we lose sight of the sky we've got years to find it
When you're a knot I'm here to untie it
You told me to breathe, let's start our realignment
pretty soon the sun will rise, and our eyes will adjust or we will be blinded
You are laughter and my world is righted
You are the poem I will always be writing
when it gets the darkest, you shine the brightest.
© Victoria Jasmine
Victoria Jasmine Sep 2014
I remember touching your veins and breathing in the way you smelt
I cried at your cigarettes and the way you held your head on Sundays
I felt at home in your warmth
I watched the sea of freckles on your arm become my own
Your tears fell along both of our cheeks
I shared your oxygen and now I share the silence
If it takes my whole life
I promise I will hold you up
I'll carry you and throw the bottles away until you can carry yourself
Even if I never had a home I had a place to hide
I hope you find what you're looking for
You've taught me there's never a force on Earth like love
You've been locked in those rooms for all these years
Let's find the keys
I breathe because you held emotion before my lungs had formed
Held compassion for me before you ever met me
Warmed my heart in the coldest nights
© Victoria Jasmine
Victoria Jasmine Sep 2014
I learn more about the importance of guarding my heart every time I open it. I am far too naive and hopeful, I love too easily and I am too quick to believe things people say to me. I see the best in people and even though I allow myself to see people’s true colors, I become blind to how dark the shades get. I am the grand optimist, because I lay on the dirt in the dark where people leave me and all I can look at is the stars. I am tired of being used to fill a void, because I am whole. I am a full moon, and every man I encounter is my phase; slowly, piece by piece I disappear, until I enclose entirely into the shadows. Today is another new moon.
© Victoria Jasmine
  Sep 2014 Victoria Jasmine
Ian Beckett
Is giving
All of you,
In lots of
Little pieces.

Until you feel
Empty – then,

You start
To feel,
  Sep 2014 Victoria Jasmine
my father told me 
to change the world for the better
and suddenly 
i was a poet
but little did i know
that i couldn't change
the whole world
and i guess that didn't matter
because your world
was the only one
that was important to me

  Sep 2014 Victoria Jasmine
Zack Turner
Grasp each moment and each person
As though they were the last
Of which you could see or breath
And soon enough
The world will seem so lovely
I believe
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