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Jasmine Oct 2018
Jasmine Sep 2018
You are back
I know you never left
Peering through a crack
Watching me fall apart
Slowly breaking my heart
Alone in the darkness
Temptation is taking over
No happiness
I wish on a shining star
"Just let me die"
Jasmine Sep 2018
Please don't look me in the eye
Because I know I'll surly cry
Please don't wipe my tears away
Because I think they are here to stay
Please don't remind me that you won't go
Because you truly never know
Please don't tell me it's gonna be okay
Becuase you know I had a really bad day
Please don't sigh then tell me a lie
Because I already want to die
Please just don't
Jasmine Aug 2018
Tears fall down my face
I see you standing there
Staring back at me
Why are you the base,
Of all my problems near
But you are also the key,
The key to my happiness
Only if you stay true,
True to our friendship
You broke me, I live in sadness
You don't know what to do
Because there is nothing,
Nothing to fix me.
Just let me die.
Jasmine Aug 2018
Why now?
I will never be found
No one cares
They never did
I'm all alone
On my own
To deal with the pain
The emptiness
Overflowing out my veins
Trying to live is making me die
Jasmine Aug 2018
When I'm gone
You'll live on
Happy as can be
Living without me
Jasmine Aug 2018
The feeling of your fingers
Oh how it lingers
The softest skin traces my palm
Each heart beat is like a bomb
Exploding in my chest
Could this be a test
So much time has passed
It all happened so fast
Memories stay in my head
Listen to what I said
"I will always be your friend
Up until the end"
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