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Jasmine Martin Feb 2019
tiny snowflakes are gently covering
my outer reality
with a mantle of pristineness
a blank slate
reflecting stillness within

time is standing still
frozen footprints the only
sign of man passing through
a time not now
as I am contemplating the significance
of the snow
peaceful, pure, serene
while buried underneath
the crystal blanket
new life is ready to be born

© Jasmine Martin, January 2009
Jasmine Martin Sep 2016
Foaming waves roll in from the sea
And explode into millions of droplets
Creating rainbows
The lone figure on the beach
Observes the endless cycle
Of ebb and flow

Mesmerized by the force of nature
Eating away at the rocks
And cascading back into the sea
Eight-legged ***** and five-pointed stars
Limpets clinging to the rock
Undisturbed by the crashing waters
A dead jellyfish on the beach
Sends odors of decay
Into the nostrils of the only human
Within sight

The cry of the gulls
Disturb the blissful trance
Eyes turned skyward
To watch the winged creatures
Fighting to stay on course
The winds however have no such issues
Unconcerned about the fate of the birds
A determined cry – success
Safety on a ledge

The being on the beach
Seemingly forlorn
Digs wrinkled toes into cool sand
Watching a ship
Sailing off the horizon

The rays of the sun on chilled skin
Drinking in the warmth
The clouds above
Playfully chase each other
Never catching up
Not even wanting to
They see no need for competition
Those tufts of white vapor
Just are what they are
And always will be

The being on the beach is
Lost in thoughts
Who it is
What it is and why
Deriving comfort
From the tales of the clouds
The sea and the wind
Knowing that its ponderings
Are of no importance
To anyone else
And that it is and always will be
Infinite creation

Bude, July 19th, 2010
Jasmine Martin Aug 2015
Hot desert winds’ve come up suddenly and
covered my reality with a blanket
of Sahara dust
obscuring the mountains
like fog in the fall

The view I so love is cast
in an eerie yellowish grey light
the endless horizon cut down to a fraction
of itself
surreal and unfamiliar

I’m feeling slightly schizophrenic

How can there be silence when
winds are howling and
why does my reality feel
so still
while everything’s clearly
in motion?
Sound in silence and movement in stillness
Blending dimensions are rattling
my mind as space and time
lose their meaning
for a while

Curiously detached from
what I observe yet
intensely involved I behold
these realities that are tumbling
in and out of each other

And I’m faintly aware of my leaden limbs

All the while
three little butterflies
gracefully defying gravity
are spiralling in an infinite dance around
my heavy form
inviting me to celebrate life
in the eye of
the storm

Mesmerized by this lightness of being
I contemplate my
quirky reality bubble
the appearance of which’d changed from
photoshop crispness to
confusing diffusion  
turning sparkling colors into
a blur of drab pastels

The meseta lays parched, silently hiding
in a cloud of sand and holding its breath
in this searing onslaught
no goats bells are ringing
or horses neighing
ev’n the cricket has ceased to sing

But undisturbed and unperturbed
the butterflies keep dancing

from one instant to the next
the storm has drowned in a moment of
deafening silence
time’s standing still
neither sound nor movement until
a sudden cool breeze shivers me out of
my reverie

Now distant thunder in darkened skies  
is promising long awaited rain
and creation breathes out
in relief

And undisturbed and unperturbed
the butterflies keep dancing

©Jasmine, Vilacarillo, Spain, August 7, 2015
Observing my reality bubble from my hammock during siesta
Jasmine Martin Jan 2015
Through deep valleys she is walking, aware of
Shadow beings lurking in the dark
Archetypes and entities just waiting for their moment
To play a destructive part

But even in the dark nights of the soul she knows
There is but one path she can take
Picking herself up time and again and holding on to the torch
To light the way for those
who follow in her wake

© Jasmine, December 2014
Excerpted from my article The Roller Coaster Called Ascension, a review of the year 2014
Jasmine Martin Dec 2014
platinum rays of an
algarvian december sun
touch a magical landscape
that pulses with ancient
and as lushly green undulating hills
with orange groves and
olive trees and
scattered red rocks
unfold under
a cloudless cerulean sky
I hear

hono lena’i’ja

a far away echo is stirring
deep within
sending shivers down my spine
awakening akeneic memory
without words
without thoughts –
a silent knowing

my akene explodes in
white hot light
engulfing my whole beingness –
painful almost
it takes my breath

wordless feelings
but I know
lemuria is rising

Eja’i Oja’i

© Jasmine Martin, the Algarve, Portugal, December 8, 2014
Today, Kwan Yin and The Rising Way Team made a trip to Sagres and the Praia da Luz to film introductory material for the Lemuria Rising Events in 2015. The spark this trip ignited deep within this one is undoubtedly going to light up in every Lemurian soul that touches this hallowed soil. A magical reality is unfolding right here, right now.

Feeling infinitely blessed
Jasmine Martin Aug 2014
and while I ponder
what to write
my hands are weaving
patterns in the air
particles plucked out of the
chaotic spectacular
-- ocean of potentials --
and structure
the unstructured
spinning invisible threads
between the undefined and
the defined

and thus the word is born

© Jasmine, August 2014
Excerpted from my blog Geometry in Words. You can read the full blog here
Jasmine Martin Mar 2014
Have you ever had
this feeling that
your heart is about to burst?
So much joy is flowing
through you
that you just don’t know
what to do with yourself?
This feeling of bubbles
rising up from below
and cascading down
from above?
When you feel
all of your cells
humming the harmonious song
of the universe
sending rainbow shivers
up and down your spine?
That split second infinite moment when
the illusory veil of


is …

That moment when you
just have to shout:
When you’re so insanely happy
just because you’re alive
and know your purpose
for being here?

And have you noticed
how these moments start to
S P R E A D ?

I’ve got it big time.
The Love Bug.

Jasmine, Amsterdam, March 27, 2014
Beware! It's contagious!
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