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Jasmine Roper Nov 2018
Don't bother searching
You're looking in all the wrong places
You can't find someone that doesn't wish to be found
That attention you seek is impossible to find
God placed one person on this earth to give that to you
Sadly that person chooses not to listen
You're lonely, afraid, confused, and desperate.
You just want him to call you beautiful, just one time
But he didn't, hasn't and likely never will.
Stop searching
when you finally give up
let go of that hope
you'll find him
not the father you longed for
but the husband you needed.
Jasmine Roper Mar 2018
I adore you
I adore the way you speak
so soft, so slow, so sweet
I adore the way you think
so deep, so true, so concrete

The way your heart races,
your pulse pounds through every vein
the way you calm me down
comfort me through the pain

The way you lick your lips
when they get so close to mine
The way you run your hands
up and down my spine

I adore the way you giggle
at all my corny jokes
The way you make wiggle
with every single stroke

I adore the way you make me feel
How you open every door
The way you make my toes curl  
on the bed and on the floor.

I adore the way treat me
How you make me feel like a queen
The way you make me relax
when I'm scared of everything

I adore the way you make the world
bow down at my feet
With you I feel so powerful
No one else can compete

I adore you with everything
my inside and out
I could honestly give my all to you
I adore you
Jasmine Roper Apr 2017
I grasp your hand as your eyes grow heavy.
I kiss your cheek followed by another on the back of your hand.
I hold your hand tighter as I feel your grip begin to loosen.
I cuddle up closer as your pulse slows but grows in amplitude.
I breathe silently as you begin to snore.
That awfully adorable sound I can't seem to ignore.
You're calm, at peace, you are asleep.
Watching you wind down is so satisfying to me.
I just wonder if you feel the same when you watch me sleep.
Jasmine Roper Feb 2017
I asked a variety of people to say the first word that came to mind when presented with the noun “Crisis”

I heard many different responses; “a problem” “a catastrophe” “an unbearable disaster”, and yet, never did I hear the biggest Crisis of all



Allow me to dissect that word for a second,

The abbreviation for education is made of the first three letters “E-D-U” you find it on website domains somewhere in your textbooks

However the first three letters are the least important.
When you drop that edu you’re left with a word, a word extremely crucial to the English language.

For people who don’t understand this word “caution” It means to be attentive, alert, to take enough care to best avoid error, danger, or making mistakes.

Uh, funny right, students are constantly punished in schools for mistakes, errors, not being attentive enough.

Constantly being told to “ be quiet’ and to “settle down” or
“Turn to page 155 and and stop looking around”

Let me change this path a little
Allow me to alter your focus for a second

We are speaking of a crisis, one larger than education as a whole. A part of education that has been belittled, spat on, or strapped on a leash and taken for a stroll.

Black education.

Every year our classrooms get larger, with larger quantities comes more diversity. And yet, our units get smaller, and the best education are given to those with the largest dollar.

The truth is, we no longer care about the information we are being taught.
Because it only presents the people and white wars that were being fought.  

It is hard for students to identify, accept and appreciate the information in front of them if it never directly relates to them.

I’m sure everyone in this room is aware of MLK’s “i had a dream speak” or Rosa parks famous word “nah.”

But what about the playstation, wii or xbox you used last night? Thank Jerry Lawson for that, and yes, he is black.

From such a young age we learn about the theories and discoveries that Benjamin Franklin gave
but not once are we told about Lewis Latimer, the man who invented the carbon filament,used in all light bulbs above our heads today

We’re held up to this standard of excellence, they expect us to be cautious, meticulous, and strive for nothing but perfection. Something said to be achieved by a proper education

However please explain how is that education rumored to be so proper when I try my best they say please God stop her.

Black education must be taught or it’ll enlarge as the crisis very soon to be fought.

While I calm down and allow that to sink in
Know and understand
Black education must never end

They say we're too violent that all we do is fight
And yet all we do is look for our ancestors in our textbooks every night

Every head shouldn’t turn towards me on the topic of slavery
If it weren’t so taboo; they wouldn’t have to be.

As i tie up my tongue and sit back in my seat
I continue to pray that history doesn’t repeat
Jasmine Roper Feb 2017
I'm going to **** you,
I'm going to steal every bit of life, of love, of heart you have.

I don't wish to harm you, I promise it's not my intention,
but I can't find a way around it.

When I **** you It'll be soft, and gentle. I won't physically hurt you I swear.
But you'll die. You'll walk away lifeless, depressed, and empty.

I could've prevented this, you tried to run, but I didn't let you go.
I should've let you fly free, you wouldn't be getting killed by me.

I want you to be happy with me, not give your happiness to me.
I appreciate that you're so willing to help no matter what it cost you,
but I wish is didn't cost you your life.

I really don't want to **** you,
I just can't figure out how to stop.
Jasmine Roper Dec 2016
"I love you"
The three words we managed to exchange.

You make me feel special, not in the handicapped kind of way. But like a princess, who needs never cease to be met.

You eat my pain and feed me smiles. You dry my tears and hold my heart.

You tell me I'm beautiful, something I've never believed to be true; but it sounds a whole lot  different when it coming from you.

I tell you that I love you, you must know it to be true.
I don't feel this way towards anyone but you.

"I love you"
Three little words that we share.
Jasmine Roper Dec 2016
I saw you in the hallway
That look of pain and desperation

You glared into my soul
My heart started to race

I was upset, I felt like I hurt you
You seemed so ashamed

You claim not to want me
But it ****** you off to see me with someone else

I love you more than I live myself
But you're afraid you feel the same

You saw me in the hallway
I looked happy and full of life

I didn't feel you staring
I was on cloud nine

I was so excited
Oblivious to my surroundings

Then I saw you
Standing in the hallway
All my joy was gone
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