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gray rain
18/F    Let go of the darkness and the light appears
Leanna Gray
I have been writing poetry since I was 10 years of age. It is my form of therapy and release.
The Gray Wolf
46/M/Australia    My real name is Robbie and I love to write poetry and music also love reading and supporting the work of others.
This is my secret place. To let my thoughts slip through my fingers as I type. Because they so often do not find their way ...
Lysander Gray
Citizen of the World.    For a taste of the sublime, I work with the wine.
16/Genderqueer/Canada    writing to counteract the weirdness of my brain and the depression that comes along with it; he/they
Billy Gray
Around the way...    When all is over, said and done The path is rough and no longer winding... Put my soul into a loaded gun And send it ...
July Gray
17/Gender Fluid    Bisexual (she/they) I think it's going to be ok.
Tamsin Gray
46/F/South Africa    Old(er), wild(er), free(er)
Lucy Christine Gray
United Kingdom   
Isabelle H Graye
Planet Earth    "I now choose the brilliance of my being."
Ashton Grayson Everly
16/Gender Fluid/Amelia Island, FL.    BIG GAY She/Her/They/Them
Alisandra Gray
In an Alabama daydream.    "My thirst and passion from boyhood . . . has been for poetry - - for poetry in its widest and wildest sense - - ...
Gray Ndiaye
26/Non-binary/Southern California    I am a modern-day Griot; a historian, storyteller, praise singer, POET, or musician. Writing is my therapy.
16/Trans Male/Chicago IL    Gray Dawson, is a bisexual, trans male from Chicago who tends to write about the darker things in life, in an attempt to spread awareness ...
Dan Gray
Nova Scotia    I"ve been a soldier, cop, for a short time a volunteer firefighter. Worked as a tradesman for way to many years. I've been writing poetry ...
M/Ohio.    This is me
Ginger Gray
I write until I have no words. I take pictures until I can no longer perceive reality. I play my guitar until my fingers bleed. ...
Wattpad writer and poet. Write different poems about different things in my spare time. Wattpad- oscitant_writer
Ilion Gray
35/M/oklahoma city, oklahoma    i remained quiet, i am outside of the world.
Laura Gray
In the sea    People keep telling me I'm not actually a mermaid, or a selkie, but I don't believe them.
Kellie Gray
30/F    Hi, my name is Kellie. I am a young mum of two crazy boys and I am studying towards a BA Hons Degree in English ...
South Carolina    If you really wanted to know about me you would ask.

— The End —