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Gray Ndiaye Jul 2
I had to remind myself
That I was enough
Replacing my unworthiness
With empowerment
I gathered the audacity
To stare at my reflection
No longer would
I let myself
Die slowly
No longer was I willing
To succumb to this prolonged death
One day
I will clasp
My hands together
And feel the touch of God
Until then....
I will continue to grow
Flourishing into the garden
I have neglected
The flowers I am watering
Will no longer be placed
On my casket
These will be used
For celebrations only
For birthdays, for my wedding
For the birth of my child
For my rebirth
Gray Ndiaye Jun 18
I shimmied my way
Down the coastline of California
And somehow ended up
In Quebec
I thought I was headed
In the right direction
But my compass lied
Just like you have done
Just as I have done
It is time for me
To divorce myself
From illusions
It is time I accepted that
This smoke is a warning
Of a fire
Gray Ndiaye Jun 18
An ocean lies between us
Mirroring the peace
I have searched deserts for
The further away from you
I am
The further away from my memory
You go
Gray Ndiaye Jun 18
The moment I realized
I could no longer differentiate
Between my lover and God
Was the first step
In this process of elimination
One must first admit
That they have a problem
Gray Ndiaye Jun 18
I invite your collision
No matter how fatal
The crash might be
At least we will be
Reunited on the other
Side of Heaven
Gray Ndiaye Jun 9
i loved you
beyond sanity
beyond common sense
i would have stolen
a ******
just to give you a child
knowing you would
have followed in
your father’s footsteps
and walked out of our lives
Gray Ndiaye Jun 9
i dug up the plants
you forced me to tend to
turns out
they were just weeds
absorbing the water
that would have
actually created
my garden
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