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Forever the white silk sheets
shield my sleepy eyes
Under the turning turning
    of the night
          Pull over
          Stay close
Away from the light
And into the night

My cave, my home
White silk walls
I choose to know
Only this

I will grapple, I will cling
With chipped nails
And cracked hands

They have only known myself
When I sleep
They have only known myself
When I sleep
Under white silk sheets
And no one will see
    But me
    But me
Shield my sleepy eyes
I need your arms
Like a cocoon
So I can emerge each morning
With colourful wings
Delicate, free

My weakness is my strength
When I spread about my brittle
structure and my softness
surrounds you

Be gentle with my wings for they
Are quietly weak and the silent
strength of loving is not enough
If you grasp me too roughly
Or hold me for too long
I might crunch beneath your
human bones

I am only small
  Nov 2015 Lucy Christine Gray
My life was stuck in greyscale
Until you came along
With beautiful watercolors.
You painted the skies
With amethyst and sapphire
With coral and azure.
You painted the autumn trees,
With amber and titian
With hazel and maroon.
You flooded the dark oceans
With turquoise and navy.
You sprinkled the grey mountains
With shimmers of flaxen sunlight.
My entire life exploded
Into an exquisite rainbow.

And then you left.
And the radiant world
You had painted for me
Slowly faded
Back into anaemic dust and gloom.
Cover me up
Plaster my face with leaves
Cover my closed eyes
With two round roses
Smother me so I'm swimming in leaves and dirt.

It's in my bones
It's in my blood
My body leaks love.

I am a soft shell so
This is love
When you cover me up
With leaves
Protect me from the world
Put me to sleep
Rest my eyes under
Red roses
Smother me so I'm bathing  
In leaves and dirt
So my heart can be be still
and silent with the earth.
The clouds are plastic,
Plastered to the sky,
Synthetic blue,
Fragile behind.

The sun is always burns,
Our tiny worlds turn,
We peer through mirrors
To gaze at our creation.
Pale in the moonlight you were
   from the start

A ghostly figure
    hovering in the corner
But the glow of your red fire
    made your company warm

    you are
But numb
    Feeling so much you feel
Wanting so much
       your hands remain
Don't think I don't know you
And why your heart turns cold

I'm sorry you met me in innocence
   Only to see me turn to this
This is not me
I whisper slowly
This is not me
I whisper again
I'm growing frantic
     You draw
Into the corner
     Ghostly again
Repulsed by my skin
     I am human

We only just became close.

And who are you?

This question turns your eyes
to moonlit diamonds in the dark
        piercing me with a stare
As if to say
Who are you
to ask?
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