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Dan Gray Aug 2018
How many words are there for love?
How many languages are there in this world?
Each language has how many subtle dialects?
We have words we find in our heart
Our feelings try to incorporate all our passion into one word
The way a person breathes when we are with that “one”
The hyper sensitivity when we are with the one we love
We take much thought and analysis to encapture the word
How our gaze is locked onto nowhere thinking of that one
The taste on ones tongue when we are with them
A word a playwright uses to emphasize the longing
I have traveled to a few places on this globe
Listened to their music of love
Seen the art that they use as a description of love
Studied the look on the faces of those in love.
So every word for love is multiplied how many times?
For me, I have found the word.
The name of who I cannot be without to survive,
This is my word for love.
A line of words enters you mind and you have to finish it ....
Dan Gray Aug 2018
Feeling empty and lost
Adrift in the void
The not knowing
The not caring
Lack of feeling
Lack of everything
It is truly amazing
How heavy nothing is
Only the strong strings
Of good friends
Keeps me in place.
An old missive, once lost. found again.  Gotta go through more of those old books and look for those scraps that are tucked away.
Dan Gray Jun 2018
We look upon their faces,
To see ourselves.
We look upon their faces,
To see our past.
We look upon their faces,
To see who has gone before.
But, how often do we look upon their faces,
To try to see the future?
Just a wonder.
Dan Gray Apr 2018
I hear you whisper.
Staring into a star lit sky,
I hear you whisper.
All is quiet this spring night
Infused only with sounds of peepers.
I hear you whisper.
My heart reaches out
Wanting to grab those words.
Pull them within,
To warm my soul.
I hear you whisper.
Memories stir
Expand in my mind
Enriching my very existence.
I hear you whisper.
Distance may taunt,
Time, it may hinder.
The fire within
The flame of my passion,
Burns steadily bright
Fed by love for you.
All this explains why,
I hear you whisper.

Dan Gray
April 30, 2018
I heard her whisper .....
Dan Gray Apr 2018
Come and join me.
For a walk.
Through the quiet
Foggy night.
The only sound,
That of water drops
As they grow larger
Slowly dropping,
Leaf to leaf to leaf.
Take my hand.
Walk beside me.
Through the mists
Slowly swirling
With each breath of air.
Shades of shifting light,
Timelessly reminding one,
Of a black and white movie.

Dan Gray
April 2018
Ever write something that you thought was never finished?  Set it aside and you go back to it a couple of years later only realize it was all there.  All you had to do was change the structure and there it was.
Dan Gray Jul 2017
What is with the inverse feeling of living?
I can remember, in my youth, when my body didn’t hurt
I could take on the world
Adrenalin flowed and I could do anything
But my mind was ******* with hormones.
With what I felt, smelt, tasted and saw.

Now my body is *******
In hurt, pain and struggle.
But my mind can take on the world;
I want to create, impress and fly.

Oh the gods.
Oh my muses.
Why can we not balance,
The power of our youth,
With the wisdom of our age?

Dan Gray
July 11, 2017
62 and feeling it
Dan Gray Apr 2017
I lay here awake unable to sleep
I am worried for my Lady Love
I want nothing more than to hold her, at this time
I want nothing more than to kiss her, at this time
I want nothing more than to hug her, at this time
I want nothing more than to make love to her, at this time
I want nothing more than time with her
My heart and my soul I have laid open and exposed for her
I feel her pain and I hurt
I hear her problems and I worry
One soul mate feels the heavy load carried by the other
I want to help her
I want to comfort her
I want to understand her
She and I as one
Forging ahead into the world with nothing but our love for each other

December 5, 2002, 1:30 AM
This was distance .... its a *****
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