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Seán Mac Falls
Éire    aka “Ormond” is an Irish Poet, widely published in numerous magazines anthologies and journals. An INFP, he’s also a guitarist, singer and songwriter. All poems ...
J Robert Fallon III
32/M/Texas    "I hope to revive and evoke people's memories, the emotions held closest, in order to speak directly into their ears and connect my words to ...
JR Falk
Wisconsin    ♎ | ♀ | ♬ Falling in love and falling apart make for the most genuine pieces.
False Poets
how oft in life do we presume, take for granted grants so extra-ordinary that we forget to remember the extra and see only the ordinary. ...
north Carolina    Stupid us for thinking we were in love. Stupid me for thinking I was finally good enough..
Mumbai    Don't confuse me with a wee laddie . I'm the trouble next door . ^_^ And I'll still smile as you pass by. Spread love ...
I write for pleasure at my leisure this is my treasure let's read it together
22/M    i hope my words still reach you
Fallen Rebel of Eden
Honolulu Hawaii    Writer of variety of styles and feel and not only one, .. depending on the mood. R.I.L. daddy. You gave birth to my passion. Poetry ...
Ethereal Yet Crestfallen
23/F    Finally happy.
There's no such thing as ready. Only willing.
Anna Falls
I'm young and unafraid. Let me know what you think of my life, since every poem marks an event. Be kind to one another and ...
Fallen Angel
“There is no point treating a depressed person as though she were just feeling sad, saying, 'There now, hang on, you'll get over it.' Sadness ...
vellichor & ellipsism
Thea Falls
F/shadows    the greatest
Follow your dreams. Or your delusions of grandeur. Whichever you prefer.
Falling words
23/F/Chennai    Writer|Co-Author|Teacher|dreamer|cynophilist|selenophile✌
Kgotsofalang Naha I-NTP
26/M/Cape Town,Western Cape,SA    I-NahaThePoet (I-NTP) was Born on the 8th of May Personality Type : INTP Profession : Developer
King of the Fall
"For a dreamer, nights the only time of the day"- Abel
Toronto    Music Producer Artist Lover of poetry X3

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