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hfallahpour Oct 2017
Knit friendliness and gemütlichkeit
Glue all broken pieces of heart together tight
unite and form a single whole
in life put heart and soul
this will chisel our life into art
Together we can climb to the height
hfallahpour Oct 2017
Can't mollify the heart which fell in love
Which took your remarks to heart
it takes your part not depart
it belongs to you whole
She bares her soul
hold it tight,  don't let go of it
Never deny it, try to admit
it's deep and mellow
don't be so shallow
It leads , try to follow
hfallahpour Aug 2017
So unique is your presence
Home is my heart to you
And to me you are the sweetest
How sublimely you won my heart
Rescued my heart, Your love took away the winter cold
It's pleasantly warm and precious like gold
You are lovely, comely and smart
And it is with your love that life's bright
Rhythmic and ultimate source of delight
hfallahpour Aug 2017
Tranquillity is your presence
With dignity in your quintessence
You, my hero are true
on my cheeks, drain my eyes' morning dew  
as day starts anew
this is what I can construe
hfallahpour Jul 2017
Be love maker not a heart breaker
The broken heart may be soldered
But will never be sound
Never rake others over the coals
or annihilate their souls
Wounded souls will never mend
sometimes you want to make amend
But it's too late
hfallahpour Jul 2017
Without love
It is dark like a movie hall
Their world is as bitter as a bladder gall
It is with love that life's bright
It is an ultimate source of delight
hfallahpour Jul 2017
I was my own's man
The perfect plan
Yet Proved to me you can
Occupy my attention span
That was an exact spot ,my sweetheart
You gave me inspiration to fight
In my heart you stroke a bonanza
Warmed with your love is my heart
Now I want you without if and but
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