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Come grab your guitar
we'll sings some songs
like they did back in ''66
words found over a bottle of rye
'bout how the times are a changing
look around and you will see
its time to set ourselves free
your government is in control
while your tied to the progress wheel
round and round and round  it goes
where it all stops only freedom knows
so come on strum those frenetic chords
let the words flow from your heart
grab your life back from the tyrant's hand
rise from this sleep and make a stand.
An argument over nothing,
left vomiting on this humble pie,
why stretch the limbs till they hurt ?
the teacher sets out her books not just to read,
she sets them out to show the promise of discovery,
so I sit in the quietness of empty promises,
wondering if I might even summon tears,
what goes up must inevitably come down,
this I remember through the furrows of my frown.
If I was to gaze into those eyes what would I see,
diamonds and jewels glistening in the morning dew,
blazing fire as they gaze into a crimson sky,
the blood red reflections mirroring your burning soul,
in such vitreous pools lay anchored ships of fools,
casting off their chains , setting sail to faraway lands,
ghosts that wander through the shadows,
moonbeams reflecting on a porcelain skin,
beacons through the darkness shining forth on rainbow shores,
there shall I seek my sanctuary until mornings new light.
The pressure of love, executed
on every angle, corners wrap
round a trivial error in my mind
thoughts tucked in   -strapped
wallowed in the limits of the herth
against these stone walls cold
smudged on my face like a warrior
I wait for the smoke to clear
putting trust over judgment
vibes make music in my belly
so my mind is free of poison
At ease- you dance the hysteria
a groan man -spider in my web
and my heat is growing weaker
my mouth is silent, a monster
a beast, being that in my eyes
I am now troublesome
losing strength to pass by you
and my heart drops to the floor
glaring at the most visiously
beautiful disaster
standing in my way.
© 2015 S.T. Rebel of Eden
Weakness in the eye is hard to maintain. Never let it blind your own convictions.
You remind me of what it feels like
to know the smell of pancakes are being made,
when first waking up.
That single letter reminds me of a Mother's face after labor,
the eyes of her holding the child,
Have you ever layed in the grass and gaze at a sky full of stars?
Every smile and glare with happiness,
is what that one letter,
makes my mind recall.
I saw a picture of you,
in me today.
The knot you tied on my tie was off by just a bit,
you always said perfect does not exist.
There they were,
My eyes shining with you
I was smiling and your teeth were white.
That morning,
my toothbrush was made with toothpaste,
before I got to the bathroom,
you had it ready to go.
Like the letter that will never disappear,
I will always have to brush my teeth.

You cannot love someone the way you loved me
Bashful Liar.
The world is evil,
You took the walls inside my heart the day you left.
Under my eyelids are your initials,
I wake up,
Only to think about you.
I used sharp glass to carve our date on my forearm,
I sent my veins the wrong message.
My good weaves all have doubt,
They vent on paper when I write forever,
my veins notice as I smoke.
My smile was light to your eyes,
as your eyes would light,
My eyes would tear with joy.
Catching that same guilty taste on my tongue.

I'm walking down the fishing pier at this moment,
I'll dip the jar I have been using to save the tears I shed for you,
I'm watching them go down into the water now,
Like my body going towards hell,
when it dies because of you.


This is a response to the link above.
A magnificent poem leads to an engrossing one
alight a path of excited neurons
saved by corporeal fuses
sacrificed fried to save
my head from overloads all the
amperage storing up
Danger High Voltage!!!

flows inside from too much reality.

I need your alternating current
to mediate my DC.
To my Tesla, like, you are , Miss Whitman.
To your Edison I am but one spark of Voltaire.

You sing of electric bodies ten million volts.
I imitate Voltaire as he did Virgil.
If someday we should unite,
our sparks would alight on eternity.
To my favorite poet, my light my current, my future brighter because of her.  Vicki
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