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November 19th 12:37 2014
Each of us visits the Earth involuntarily, and without invitation. For me, it is enough to wonder at the secrets.
Earth Shine
423.    my mind is a whirlpool.
42/Cisgender Male/United States    Theatre Geek. Movie Buff. Developer. Feminist Dad. Anarcho-socialist. Heretic.
There's not Earth without Art
In my mind    I have many interests; reading books that are not mainstream or best sellers, I;m a woodwright, I work with leather, i'm a tinker { traditional} ...
Does it matter?    I'm gonna be real. I'm gonna be me. I'm not gonna apologize. Jesus is my life. Plain and simple.
Anna Earth
23/M/Singapore    Emptying my mind for peace has left me a shell of what I could have been
diary of an alien on planet Earth
─░stanbul, Turkey    Sometimes I miss my childhood, sometimes im full of hate. Wish i had less to regret. Nowadays ive been enjoying beholding raindrops fall. As the ...
Earthen Dweller
Brooklyn NY   

— The End —