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  Mar 2019 Dearth
Skye Lawrence
I wait upon a psychic
To tell me alls okay
To wake me from my nightmare
And make the bad stuff go away
The pain is all so frightful
But yet the pain it all so real
I dream about a child
A child all quiet and still
I need her to come closer
Closer closer still
To bring me peace and happiness
To bring me happiness still..
Dearth Mar 2019
Just a regular man
With regular needs
At a regular store
Where I am a regular customer

Though irregular my thoughts
My actions a mess
Searching for affirmation
Just somewhere to nest

I hang my head low
Eyes cast below
As I take a bow
To your irreverant soul

So cast me out
Like the devil
In a onesie
Sleeping softly by your side
Dearth Mar 2019
You said "we can be friends"
                     I said "no"

For I have loved you
                    Far too hard

And drowned myself
                 In your sorrows

They say to let go of the past
              Forgive and forget

But the truth is
                Even if I could

Your memory still
               Stains my history

Like indelible marks
                 Of pen on paper
  Mar 2019 Dearth
Irate Watcher
I want to be available
to the people who love me.
I want to be there
emotionally, physically, financially.
I want to be their shoulder
their crutch, their solace.
The person who does not drop anything.
I want to give the feeling
of lightness to every being walking this earth.
Every human, creature, and plant
as they grow up fast.
I want to be nutrition,
a steadfast superhuman
so unfazed, so cool-headed.

It infuriates me
that I'm not this person.
It should be so easy to give.
If I just get my **** together,
I've repeated on and off again
the last five years.
But somehow, I always manage
to waste enough time
to get there,
but late.
When I have nothing
left, a hollow person
someone gave too
many tries.

Still, the people I love
tell me I'm wise,
an angel body.
Like they must justify,
who I am,
the imposter
the transient,
always planning,
for when she can
run away again.
Dearth Mar 2019
You carry your sins
On your back like a cross
Or maybe a chain and ball
Or a seemingly weightless brand
On your porcelain neck
The back of your delicate hands
The smooth contour of your ankles

Maybe the truth is
You may have paid your dues
For every last one of them
Like burning away an iou
But they will never disappear

For you may atone
But never erase
The singularities experienced
Will be yours forever to bear
Dearth Mar 2019
Without you I'm lost
Though with you,
equally lost
But at least
I could pretend I wasn't
When you were still here.
Dearth Mar 2019
What's it like
To be undying
Staring at the edge of eternity

What's it like
Knowing this will never end
With every breath you draw
Burnishing the brass in your lungs
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