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As I sit on the sand beside the sea,
the ocean slowly laps the shore.
The constant rhythm,
soothes my wandering mind,
not needing anything more.
No desire,
other than to simply be,
at one with nature.
The winds, the earth, the water, and the flames.
The sun shimmers on her deep blue skin,
reminding me of the infinite stars that reflect within.
I am at one with my maker,
her waters flow through my veins.
She is I, and I am she,
in this moment it's crystal clear to see.
The puppet master
plucks the strings
of the toys that dance
to the beat of his finger tips.
she is a happy ending,
not everyone can wait for.
      the most authentic
            version of
     yourself and not
hiding parts of yourself
          has a way of
   judgemental people
        from your life  
             and you
     will  find  out  that
             being you
                 has it's

              Realize that
       you  are  different.
       Always have been.
            It may take
    awhile but realize that
         you are magic
  not meant for everyone
        to understand.
            People will
   question you, but that's
             all right,
     just stay in your lane
              being all  
         magical and stuff.
                                                                ­                      Jon York   2019
It's easier this way,
I get it.
The temptation is erased,
so have your space.
It's ok.
I have to lose you,
to find myself.
Just as
you have to lose me,
to find yourself.
I can't be who you need me to be.
I can't compartmentalize you,
I can't put my feelings aside.
I can't lock them in a box,
neatly buried beside my heart.
They extravasated the moment I saw your face.
Fought their way to my core,
overwhelmed my senses.
I thought I could control them,
tame them,
lull them,
will them with my mind.
But they are too powerful.
They command me to observe,
the somber melody of our love and loss.
I wish I could be there for you.
I wish I could be stronger.
I wish I could be your friend.
But until you no longer strum the strings of my heart,
we have to stay apart.
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