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earthchild Jan 15
I wish I could run and hide,
hibernate while I patiently wait for the pain to subside.
I try to distract myself from the thought of you,
anything to help me forget the shape of your lips,
and the depth of your earthy brown eyes.
How they would devour me whole,
yet at the same time be salve for my soul.
Maybe it's all my fault for falling for you,
an utterly unattainable figment of my desire.
But the way l felt when I was around you was nothing short of magical,
surely I could not have imagined how my being melted like butter into in your arms.
How the chesmisty between us was quite literally electric,
even Mother Nature could not help but give us a standing ovation as she roared from the side lines with applause.
But now I sit alone with a lump in my throat,
bewildered by the blindside of my own hopeless romantic heart.
earthchild Jan 8
I don't want a love that is ownership.
I want a love that is liberation and freedom,
a sacred union.
Conscious co-creators of the type of love that sustains the spirit.
The type of love that cracks your ribs wide open,
as your heart swells.
Love that expands your mind,
spiritually, intellectually and emotionally.
The truth is,
I won't settle for anything less.
Because that kind of love is rare and potent medicine for the soul.
earthchild Jan 8
The fire flickered and the thick smoke filled my lungs,
witnessing you witnessing me,
like a piece of art.
Your brown eyes softly pierce into my soul.
Your tender touch and your silken skin,
golden like honey and cinnamon.
Medusas gaze had me enchanted,
lost in the moment and you.
Then the words delicately roll off your tongue...
"Do you want me?"
And I echo
It was not merely on a physical level.
The layers to which those words penetrated my heart had deeper meaning.
earthchild Jan 7
Learning to see myself exactly as I am,
was the greatest act of love.
earthchild Jan 7
I fear not the bearing of my beating heart.
The power lies within the giving,
not the breaking.
earthchild Feb 2021
As I sit on the sand beside the sea,
the ocean slowly laps the shore.
The constant rhythm,
soothes my wandering mind,
not needing anything more.
No desire,
other than to simply be.
At one with nature,
the winds, the earth, the water, and the flames.
The sun shimmers on her deep blue skin,
reminding me of the infinite stars that reflect within.
I am at one with my maker,
her waters flow through my veins.
She is I, and I am she,
in this moment it's crystal clear to see.
earthchild Feb 2021
The puppet master
plucks the strings
of the toys that dance
to the beat of his finger tips.
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