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HeartHeldHigh Mar 2014
I'm asking peace like a river
And grace like a storm
I need patience like a mother
And love in all its forms
I'm asking mercy like a servant
And forgiveness of sin
I need your presence like a prophet
And wisdom like a king
I could ask for all these things
And I do
But tonight I realized that what
I need is you
HeartHeldHigh Nov 2013
Architect of the Universe
Origin of Joy, Healer of All Pain
The One Who Bested Death
The Lamb Who Was Slain

The Author and Perfector
The Great I Am

Whatever people call me
Whatever name I take
I hope that it's a title
That only God can shake
HeartHeldHigh Nov 2013
I don't lock glocks
An' I don't ride with a nine
I don't pack Heckler and Koch
But when I step over the line
I'm packin' more heat than a Navy Seal
I got both hands free
Because I gave up the wheel
I got my arms stretched out
So I can seal the deal
He had his life snuffed out
So He could finally heal


The killers and the accomplice
When He said "it's finished"
His plan was accomplished

His face beat and anguished
The Devil thought he'd vanquished
The One by whom he was banished

But he must've been astonished
When the only Lamb unblemished
Made good on His promise
That was given to the Psalmist

Death had been demolished
Its power was abolished
Humanity refurbished

He suffered because He cherished
The impoverished and the ravished
Malnourished and the famished

So I pack heat, but it's a different kind entirely
Not a weapon, not of man that is
I cary knowledge, that His spirit lives inside of me
I cary peace, in the knowledge that I'm his
HeartHeldHigh Nov 2013
Not here to write empty verses
I hope my words carry weight
I'm not here to spit curses
I'm not about to preach hate

I'm out to shout about love
Raise my voice instead of a gun
Call on the Big Man up above
And on the forgiveness from the Son

And if the work of my hands
And the words of my tongue
Don't align with His plan
May He take the breath from my lungs

Cause I'm here to rhyme
I'm here to spit a thesis
I'm here to be a man
Who practices what he preaches

But above all else
When my life finally ceases
I don't care about wealth
I just wanna see Jesus

— The End —