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Earthen Dweller Mar 2016
To my unassuming purple velvet orchid,
A delicate creature with a beautiful smile, that presents in elegance,
And which behind lay hidden,
The wounds that shaped her soul,
The cuts that made her sparkle,
The amazing story instantly communicated with a glance at her eyes,
A story told without a word uttered

To thee i say... words unspoken, shy in it's shell, but with screaming silence, an opportunity not explored..
Earthen Dweller Mar 2016
For my love of the written word spoken true,
A moment, a flickr of light, captured, left for interpretation,
Inspired to live like a child, a life of play, an alternate truth,
For its laziness that drives progress, a vice, a sin,
Snapped, shuttered, sketched with light and painted with time,
A view filtered, a limit defined, beauty uncovered,
So i say, live with love, create music with colors, shoot..

Bizarre as it reads, dreams fulfilled, obstacles conquered, in the canvas gift of day..

— The End —