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earthwatcher Sep 2014
Time! so much, so little. Why must it be measured? life moves with the sun, changes with the seasons. All the redundant possibilities measuring time,  life go's on pressing forward to dust and faded memories  the trumpet blows in the end,  ending our time, so it is said.  {chuckle!} time moves forward always, wars, storms, destruction, plague's, famine, chaos.     the coming of heaven the rise of hell. Through love, hope,  friendship, humanity, time stays its course passing without thought  or concern that it has been weighed and measured, lost  or found. enjoy the time you have before it passes.
earthwatcher Oct 2013
ponder slightly life in general, love eludes but now stops running, the mind is clear.The heart is pounding, breath is life, no more death rattle. Eyes are blue now, no longer creamy white seeing beyond this realm . a smile for the day, looking into blue eyes at first wake a kiss of morning breath and a smile good morning, hot coffee a quit moment and the day begins with purpose.A future takes shape before my tired eyes. My face smiles again in thought of the mysteries of love, so strange, so long has it been this emotion hides from me, now comes forth to change my life. {Laura]
earthwatcher Aug 2013
For to long my words have turned to ash in my mouth, my thoughts but a blur, as if though I where seeing the world through a glass of water. the sounds of  life have crashed against closed ears. I have no heart for this anymore, chaos has taken life and left the dead and dieing in it's wake, the creator cry's for his creation.  we are dead.
earthwatcher Jul 2013
I peer out the broken glass and what do I see but a flock of little ***** running away from me, all but one, standing in defiance of fear louisville slugger in hand waiting for what comes.    I walk out the door with spalding in hand I stand beside her and gaze at the destruction done by her hand. 160 feet if it were an inch , impressive  drive for a 13 year old girl. all anger gone, there was not much to begin. A 30 dollar window a small price to see her grin, I handed her back her ball, and with my own grin, nice hit little one, a dollar for everyone I find in the backyard I say. 180 feet over the roof   and we went our way. her to her friends with bragging rights and the moment in tact. me to the lumberyard for plywood shutters for the rest of the glass, grinning in anticipation of the days to come.
earthwatcher Jul 2013
Shake the foundation whence their clay feet stand, let fall the hoary head and its fake wisdom, arise young demon stand your ground, against the chastised minions of a fake god, task his armies to battle once more. clash of steel, crack of bone, listen to the monkey moan. silence his words of grandeur, humble his stature  straight and tall, knees bent before life eternal, mortality has a shelf life. So I say to those whose future is dust. Eat, drink, and make merry, for tomorrow is the beginning; of the end,  for the age of men.
earthwatcher Jun 2013
Banished from life, denied death, forever exiled to my own madness. Trapped in thought, lost in time so much time, so many faces, the noise, needless  noise chatter chatter all around me nothing to hear, my feet move faster and faster, my heart pounds thump thump in my hearing. The black train in the distance, dog barks a warning, wind blows the stench around, where am I. so far so fast all in a blur, body shaking, sweat pouring  from my skin. Alone at last,  the deafening sound of silence. consumed with sanity; madness to be sane in this world, I think I will just stay in my mind.
earthwatcher Jun 2013
Often I ask myself, Who am I, { I don't know} I drift in this endless sea called humanity. Always changing to fit whatever purpose, losing who I was, never knowing what I could have become. Drowning in my own silent rage, { who am I}. Storyteller, woodwright, cobbler, tinker, father. All of these,   and at the same time none of these things.  I have no fear in looking into myself, I have no fear in facing the evil and good that dwells in me. I fear the rage of confusion that awaits me in the deepest part of my soul. My cold blue eyes  envision shadows, neither past nor present, adding to the rage to come. Shattered dreams, lost hope, surrounded by humanity, but alone, sinking deeper into the abyss of my soul. Who am I { I don't know}.
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