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unloved 3d
your scar between your heart
  created a center of my art
the spot where lays the light
  strikes right into the skies

  scenery of my mind
was you
all along
unloved Mar 24
when you look at me
the more i see
i fall too deep
into the ocean breeze

my heart is competing
but youre just succeeding
unloved Mar 17
we’ll meet under the tree
when sunset will dissapear
a place where time will set us free
there will be just you and me
our eyes will finally meet
to tell us the truth
if we are the person in each others dream
unloved Mar 16
What if he was just a lesson in life
the thing that should help me find myself
but i kept him in my heart for too long
to move on
unloved Mar 4
Teens losing virginity
for the love they never feel
unloved Feb 13
connection intersected
two lonely hearts stopping
each others pulses
changing directions
losing your own shadow
on a
shattered path
with feelings of vulnerability
going far
from yourself
pushing the person you love away
just to fit your
damaged little head
in society of famous faces
unloved Feb 9
my mind is thinking too fast
will you be the one who last?
my heart is bleeding under the
moonlight skies
and i will take you to the stars
For you i will to try
my mind is preoccupied
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