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Ami Shae
On my own. Loving life (most of the time). Wishing I could find more time to write...seems the only time I feel real is when ...
Mishael Ward
I'm a Pre-engineering major, student-athlete with a new love for poetry.
Shae Nicole
If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. ~Lewis Carroll


Ami Shae  May 2015
Ami Shae May 2015
So painfully aware of being apart
from that which gives me my breath
helps to maintain the rhythmic beating
of my swollen heart--

So horribly bereft at having said goodbye
to one who has always kept me here
who has cradled me, held me tight
through every moment of my every sigh--

So hauntingly sure I will not survive
that life will have no meaning
with you not here to hold, to guard,
to keep me alive--

And so forlornly looking as you saunter away
your laugh, your jokes, your smiles and gentle heart
all that gave me reason to wake up
and live another god-forsaken day--

But so determined this time to carry on
to make it through without you here
to somehow hold myself together without you
and to just make it until the break of dawn...
©Amy Shae 2015
Sometimes it feels like it will never get better...
I hope it makes sense...
Ami Shae  Jun 2015
Why Am I here?
Ami Shae Jun 2015
There is something magical
yet frightening
about awakening
to a new day--
on the one hand
I'm alive
and ready to
go in search of a way
to make it through
to live
to survive
until tomorrow
finally comes
but on the other hand
I ache at times
to just hear
the beating, the rhythm
of the death toll drums--

why am I here?
keeps droning on and on
through my soul
and everywhere I look
I search others' eyes
hoping that if they know
they will fill me in,
give me a clue
so that perhaps one day
something will come through
instead of dread and fear
whenever I look off in the distance
or even gaze at what's near--
perhaps today life will give to me
a brand new way
to open my eyes and really see?
by Ami Shae
will i ever figure this "living thing" out? here's hoping...