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In my imagination.   
Deonte McCallister
hope you enjoy my words...


I gave into a subtle beating,
Wrought once by Eros’ tasked -entreating,
The winds confound I lost my heart and…
…she of black-haired, eyes, dark beauty;
warm-rosined cheeks of nature gladdened.
For Pallas' claim, -said we both were saddened.
And me a farmer, she a princess,
I of yoked-labor, while her suitors, -the best.
Doth Father-King did mantic challenge, that challenge being sought in no jest.

Accosted me the low-ly suitor,
He gave of me a challenge -the worst. He sent me to the serpent’s folly.
With dagger and heart, whirlwind passion, sought I did the guiles’ jolly.
Up the cragged wind-swept mountain, past laurel berries, trees of holly,
Into white polished marble temple to the folly of a lair-born beast.
Gave my most but just a farmer, heart of swelling beat untempered.
As he set out, devour meal thus conquered, came she the dark-haired raven beauty, with shrieks and wails doth shocked the serpent, he surprised I plunged my dagger. Serpent dead she held her finger to my lips and then did whisper;

“We of Pallas judgment true did, find our love rise from ash-field –lister.
Tell of this you will to no one, you the boy who captures fair-heart,
To father you shall be a hero, deception we of female -impart,
Cleverness you must now fashion, must fashion your will to a high art,
Something of a nature now you must know,
Like the serpent-challenge dealt your passion a blow,
Apples will not save you once and,
Once as King and you my hus-band,
We the two of Pallas’ favor, love forever shall we savor,
I the half of you shall sing, you the half shall make me King,
We together, rule forever, we of two sides brawn and clever,
No serpent ever come between us, now that we a love -Athena’s!
Go now and this be our se-cret, marry me and never re-gret, all is yours and I your egret!”

Of this I did sit and ponder, on that hill of temple, off at yonder,
Me of fields, dirt-laden squire, she at court make of me a liar,
Is her beauty, hand a console -to the surety and loss of my soul?
Run I did to the city my way, storm gates to the court and did say;

“These, the teeth of folly’s serpent and she will be my wife on this day!”

Aged now and sit here, grumble...

Kingdom of deceit into which I crumble;
Woe to me how didst I tumble?

In rush to love perhaps did stumble?
In later years now here I humble; was not worth all the trouble.
Old English-style rhyming verse. The classic mythology of the man entranced-by or enslaved by the serpent and rescued by cunning, trickery or deceit on the part of the female. This tale is as old as written history.
preservationman Jul 2021
Harmony in family unity
Strength in support coming from the community
Rochdale Wives all have different stories to tell
But you will find commitment in shell
One particular Rochdale Wive has a loving story
Read on with all its glory
It was 1970 when a Shareholder named Mary Lister moved into Group One
She was single and moving into a One Bedroom Apartment
It was going to be furnished with all her assortments
Then John Benjamin was also single and moved into Group 2 in the same year
Watch as something is going to preserver
Somewhere a love affair was going to become a moment by moment with romance getting a very little chance
It’s love that was going to build and grow
So it becoming an relationship moving very slow
Mary Lister and John Benjamin really took to really knowing each other and their backgrounds were exchanged
Mary Lister was a Manager at a Large Investment Banker Corporation
Now John Benjamin was a CPA Accountant
So they both were going over assets being what their dating relationship in portfolio would be
It was all about accessing
But Mary and John seemed to be intrigued with each other
It became not a date, but when into another date
Mary Lister made sure she wasn’t going to be late
Surprises into the main event
But something surprising at Rochdale that Mary Lister didn’t anticipate and had no expect, it was a proposal in the Big Mall in front of moving shoppers, and of course she accepted the hand of marriage of John Benjamin
So a year later, Mary Lister and John Benjamin became Man and Wife
It all happened through the Rochdale vision of possibilities
Yet one wonders what reaction to the proposal from John Benjamin if Mary Lister had of said No
I won’t even wait for an answer
Mary and John Benjamin are acquainted in everlasting bliss
What comes after is that Rochdale enchanted kiss
The beauty and commitment that will never be missed
The Rochdale spirit with merit
Walk on into Holy Matrimony
Connecting hearts as one
Man and Wife being among