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Lacey Clark
120/F/Portland, OR    Traveling with a suitcase of words
Lacey Danielle
I don't know you so I share things I wouldn't share with anyone I know, through poetry.
Ricky Lacey
Los Angeles, California    Poems live within all of us. Simple words that can turn into complex pieces.


Existential me Jan 2018
I was talkin' with Lacey some time ago.
The conversation took us hear and there,  to and fro.
'Til fin'ly I said."Lacey, how come you don't love me no mo'?"
Lacey replied. "You ask me that now eh? What brought that to mind?
The reason is now lost somewhere in time.
In any case mate, I think we'll both be fine.
But since we're atit, 'ow come you neva loved me?"
Lacey, it's not that I didn't ya see.
I love ya now, jus at the time, I had no idea of how.
A moment of silence fell then Lacey took a deep breath and said ..."Well."

Thinkin' bout that conversation we had some time ago.
That took Lacey and me hear and there, to and fro.
There's one thin' I'd like her t' know.
If she were here I'd hold her and neva let her go.
To Lacey. I hope you're doing well.
Robin Carretti May 2018
Maybe I could write a book all

Stares of people creamy tons
Eating dark bonbons
Find your nitch and call
The silk milk  switch
The"Cat Eye"
People come and go
But the sunset stays
The play up or play
down the love of life
An eternity of hearts
of your wife
The family

The boy ship ahoy
(Patch-eye Pirate)
Robin Almond Joy
And she just loves
them Tomboys
all lacey eyes

"Almond Eye's
flavor of soy
Lactose tolerant

Paintbrush deviant
He is so creamed for her
Dark sunset stimulant
Come on drink it all

Inside of my mind do
you dare to wink
and call

Take a look?
Are we losing
our scruples
Coconut milk
Smiles and dimples

A mystery of
illusions  more darkness
of confusion
The plain ordinary people

So on and then on?
Met our confusion of people

Right on # target

Are we still creamy
stir it on

Darkest sunset
way beyond
Soothing so distant and just
like that

We cannot click on
anything creme
De La Creme
The computer magnet
like a crazy clone,
all lost being alone

Staying obedient trying to
find the way
(No God) what

No Man?
The cream in your cafe
The Prince
She's the angel dust
hair rinse

Creamified sonnet

Dark sunset Jade Hornet
on so on her lips so on etc
They met the sunset
head on right time
She's on
All Laced
He's on
What a kisser
Is right time on?
Did he miss her?

My heart was on
the line

Robin birds of throbs

Losing so much time

being robbed deplorable

Like an abysmal

Disgraceable hum
Shady money sum
Banging drum yum
Dark sunset color gum

The dark silhouette

The sin or the sunset

Being straight jacket

Minds breakdown
Heart Silk Crown

"Pennywise clown'

*** in the Cat milk

Remembering the
The seventies

Peace signs and

My sunset dreams

Was this the book
I needed to
be completed

How I armed myself
Finger lake creamy

Fate and time stood out

My brain was fried

But sunny side was up?

At midnight rambler

The Brooklyn Bridge
sunset heart dividers

Cosmic globe riders
Dark spell mentors
Spilled the creamy
Goddess of darkness

This ancient Roman sunset
The lover of Darkness
Lace me the darkness hour

The tower high rise sunset
bad spirits gave us
wits to live it

We have it made what
we see
Sometimes Illusions
Creamy silk hands and
The rock bands
How her Darker?Cream
Saw the sunset in between
lips met

Face to face they land
Her place lacy demands
Her spell eyes of a bet
Her lipstick on his collar
She was ready to set
He see's the specks of colors
Through her headset
He yearns for her to

The peek reddish
The darkest of sunsets
"Freshly Raw' she sipped his
Sunset drink

When our light will come
will be
Forevermore patiently

The darkness became us
the goodness

Of a better time of rising
The darker the sunset the sweeter place love was perfectly set