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cyanide skies
19/F/somewhere lovely    i put my pen to paper & make inanimate instruments sing & sometimes my thoughts take the form of pictures. if i ever had a ...


They left their planet
in droves did they flee
for they had left, her
their planet on her knees

To the last star ship
the glory of the fleet
her glorious name
was CYA 290412

She was a light ship
a creature that folded space
blessed was her body
she was a warship of grace

She and her captain loyal
through time would toil
to bring those they cared for
to a world worth while

So here they landed
this sweet blue world
and the children so foolish
another world they did soil

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
© 2012 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)
jennifer ann Jan 2015
Cassie walked down the stairs and imediently ran into pyper "oh dang" she spoke nervously. almost bumping into her. "how are you doing this evening pyper?" she tried to keep her cool. "i'm good." pyper replied. "i went into your room and found your ipod." pyper handed cassie over the pink ipod. "you did?" cassie smiled. "well that was really sweet of you to go out of your way like that." cassie grinned. "what a kind person you are." she added. "yeah, i guess." pyper nodded and sighed. "got any plans for the night?" cassie asked in a friendly tone. "well i was going to go out walking for awhile." pyper sighed. "i'll be back in about a half an hour."
"perfect!" cassie grinned.
"what?" pyper asked in confusion and agravation.
"i'm just saying your perfect, i wish i looked like you. you're like an american dream." cassie lied.
"um, ok? cya around cassie." pyper sulked down the hallway. she looked very tired and sad and her hands were shaking. and she had her hands in the pocket of her leather jacket like she had been cold. "cya around pyper." cassie patted pyper on the back and smiled."
"don't touch me!" pyper snapped.
"alright." cassie backed away cautiously with her hands up.