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Anais Nin


Ignatius Hosiana
28/M/Kampala-Uganda    A fallen Leaf in Autumn, a golden Tulip in Spring. ALL POEMS ©
Dana Colgan
Ariana Bagley


Melissa  Nov 2015
Melissa Nov 2015
I wasn't looking for Ana—I had just seen her around

I didn't try to find her—it was me that was found

I wouldn't have guessed that we'd ever meet

But Ana's so clever—she just can't be beat

She'll crawl through a window when you close all the doors

And Ana, she's looking to settle a score

At first it was hard (controlling the greed)

But I've learned that Ana's the only friend I need

Free as a bird, light as a feather

I'm only happy if we are together

When the 'real' me started to show through my skin

people said, "you look so pretty, you look so thin"

No one realized I wasn't yet done

Cause Ana's work had only just begun

I realized I wasn't quite yet ideal

Life would be better if I skipped a few meals

As the scales dipped lower in my favor

I discovered 'skinny' was the tastiest flavor

Angles are corners, and corners can hide

Everything fat and twisted inside

When people started giving me looks

I smiled and said 'control' is all that it took

They shook heads, mouths curling down

I returned their disgust with a guarded frown

My friends tried to beg me to eat

But Ana just wouldn't let me cheat

Ana said eating was giving into fear

How could we stop when perfection was so near?

My parents told Ana was giving them a scare

But they didn't understand me so I didn't care

They told me Ana wasn't all that she seemed

But Ana had helped me achieve what I dreamed

Ana's the greatest and truest of friends

She promises that I'll be beautiful close to the end

It's Ana who holds my hair and lets me release

Whenever the urge to purge doesn't cease

Ana, oh Ana, so sneaky and wise:

"We're going to be friends until one of us dies"

I have to hide her away, people just don't approve

Ana's in my life and she can't be moved

Even if they tried, they couldn't take her away

Ana's in my heart and she's here to stay

People won't ever find in me what they seek

Because Ana has helped me perfect my technique

Then one day I felt more pain in body than in my heart

And I realized it was too late for me and Ana to be apart

Go ahead and befriend Ana if you dare

But reader, oh reader, please beware

You think that it's Ana who truly cares

But it's Ana who will haunt you everywhere

Once Ana gets a grip on you, she won't give you up

She'll just throw out your plate and empty your cup

"When people try to help, don't let them in"

See? With Ana, you can never win

After a while, she's gained all your trust

"lose more" she whispers, and you know that you must

For Ana's the master and you are the slave

She'll punish you sorely if you misbehave

It's too late by the time you realize the monster she's made

That's when you've already begun to fade

Please listen, dear reader—it's not the weight

It's not you—it's Ana that you truly hate

Ana's a wolf disguised as a sheep

But she'll stay by your side when death comes to reap

Ana and Mia are one in the same

Eventually it's your soul that they finally claim

I was fourteen when I paid the ultimate price

From taking dear Ana's 'helpful' advice
For my sister.
Syddy Raye  Apr 2014
Syddy Raye Apr 2014
Ana who is sweet
Ana who is kind
Ana who helps

Ana who is cold
Ana who is lonely
Ana who lies

Ana who laughs
Ana who smiles
Ana who winks

Ana who cried
Ana who's sorry
Ana who's forgotten

Ana who wants
Ana who needs
Ana who craves

Ana who loses
Ana who wins
Ana who never played the game

Ana who left
Ana who never cared
Ana who watched her disappear
A  Apr 2017
My "Friend" Ana
A Apr 2017
I've seen this girl named Ana.
She's pretty, thin, and tall.
She has the smallest frame I've ever seen,
And not one single flaw.

I met this girl named Ana.
She introduced herself today.
She seems very nice and kind.
She says she wants to stay and that she's here for me.

I know this girl named Ana.
She's so perfect, the exact opposite of me.
I'm so fat compared to her.
But she says she'll make me skinny too.

I'm friends with this girl named Ana.
She told me to start eating less, so I did.
Now I hate the person I see in the miror.
My life is becoming a mess, but Ana says it's okay.

I'm best friends with this girl named Ana.
I want her to always stay.
Everybody else has already left,
But Ana will never stray.

The only one I listen to is this girl named Ana.
She's so smart and full of advice.
I'm starting to get smaller and Ana says it's good.
My well-being and health is the only sacrifice.

I'm terrified of this girl named Ana.
She won't get out of my head.
It finally occurred to me,
She only wants me dead.

I hate this girl named Ana.
She makes my life a living hell.
Can anyone hear my quiet screams?
Cause she won't let me tell.

My worst enemy is this girl named Ana.
She's a demon in my head.
She seemed so nice at first, trying to help me.
But I was so mislead.

I'm a prisoner to this girl named Ana.
I'm captive to her will.
I can't help but do what she says.
How can I be so fat, still?

My murderer is this girl named Ana.
She starved me to my grave.
My heart finally stopped beating.
I was just too exhausted to continue being brave.
A poem on anorexia.  If you're anorexic, please seek help.  As always, thanks for reading... xoxo ~ Avery