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Sasha Paulona May 2021
They said I'm too young to love him,
What would they do if I told,
I live in my free land of twenties
I heard boys whistle to my sassy moves
But they're too young to my wild wild heart.....

When you parked Scount bobber vintage style
Ripped t-shirt with leather field jacket,
I match my short waitress white dress
For your Latte moments at my coffee shop
Shinning like a god, So I go wild wild wild....

My boyfriend loves me more than ever.
He would sing for me all midnight.
We dance until we drunk on a cheap wine  
This love is pure. But god have mercy on me.
Because you're the one who makes me wild wild wild...…. Truly

I run away from this truth.
To flee from my own sin.
Hide in a pastel fairytale.
Which doesn't make me too jazzy
But I will not let you to break my wild wild heart.

Where my wild heart burned,
All ashes should be scattered
The color of the flames, painted the sky red and orange
Bitter but intoxicating smell of desire,
remains in the air
Then you'll never forget my wild wild heart.
I go wild on you baby................
Sasha Paulona May 2021
So many songs to love you
So many gossips to hate you
I hear one thing, I felt another
I'm still in that summer
You sang your first song in dinner

I'm waiting here, despite the odds
That's all I can do
To be young and to be loved
By the songs you sang for your fans
Yes! all those thoughts brought us apart

There is nothing left to do
But to kiss once again
There's nothing for you to rue
Unless the beauty, the passion
Now you up to...…

In the next Cold season
When we find our lovers.
So Don't go far away
I'll be waiting for you
At the empty station
Where no one calls your name...….
Sasha Paulona Jan 2021
No masters or kings when the ritual begins
There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin
In the madness and soil of that sad earthly scene
Only then I am human
Only then I am clean
Oh, oh, Amen, Amen, Amen
Sasha Paulona Jan 2021
I'm still standing on the high way,
Where you leave me
Freezing inside the warm
that you gave me
As I thought wind blowing
you move your body

You're the call of the motion
My emotion
When you move your body
I'm move in on...

Move like a wind
before the rain
Stole me like season
forbidden to bloom
You're the Eros in desireful world
Move your body
till odd sight screaming out the night
Sasha Paulona Nov 2020
Sasha Paulona Oct 2020
I'm here to learn from you. To see the world I can never see
  Oct 2020 Sasha Paulona
SA Szumloz
Ice-cold needles ***** my bare skin
I gaze up at the metal shower head
Hissing like a million rattlesnakes
She is the only one who pities me
Washing my hair with her tears
Cooling my scorched skin.

I fantasize a tender loving lover
Embracing me from behind
Whispering sweet nothings
Holding, swaying, rocking me
Until the water grows warm
Rejuvenating my heart and mind.

But it's not like that; not today
The dream is ever so far away
I am alone in this weeping glass box
Punishing myself for my shortcomings
Hating myself for ever speaking
The remedy for pain is more pain.

Water streams down my cheeks, my neck
No one will ever know that I am crying.
These days, I find comfort and solace in the shower.
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