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cody dale Feb 2016
With it i imagine things
What to buy
What to do
But when it all comes down
It has no value
Its just a way for satan
To take your soul
cody dale Jan 2016
i long to feel the ******* of love in my hands
to encompass the soul with my heart and show
what these hands what this mind is capable of doing
to allow the one of my dreams to join my soul and wonder off

Her body is like a temple and is apart of everything
like an acceint  goddess I yearn to conquer her'
Too merge two clumsy souls into but one lover
locked in together at the hips and engaged in the magic of touch

oh how i yearn to flow into her mystical being
to infiltrate her body and become her to know her mind
to learn her weakness and her strengths and make them my own
and to work together like a well oiled machine for eternity

The movment of hands clasped and exploring new worlds on hot skin
A kiss moves through all caverns of mystery melding to my will
A bond so scared that our every being is rejoicing in a comsic dance
Moaning our voices in estacy leaving no refrain nor surprise just now  

and we surge together with confidence and pride into this abyss
this unescabable curse we live in and our strived by
we live by this desire to please ourself with the touch of our forefingers
we want this delicacy that the rich and poor posess

The tension fuses into one fluid action no thought left in the world
only the abilty to do not to make dreams or false hope but to experience
feel touch taste and sound form a song so sweet its like a birds singing
Sizzling with  unwitting compassion  but burning inside true feeling
cody dale Nov 2015
i am back stronger than ever
i have learned and felt
inspiration flows through me freely
never again shall i suffer from defeat
but shall i achieve sucess in my goals
my thoughts will be different than what most are used to examing
my grammar will be off
my words thrown together
for i have learned
that you can not write poetry
but you must feel it
feel it in bursts of emotions and allow it to take you
to another world where there is no moreworries or troubles
only love
a world of words
that you create
cody dale Sep 2015
it seems that no matter how hard i try
a perfect day can never be
i get bored
and i get lonely
so i go and take pictures
to make a scene that seems serene
is not like it seems
the lightings never right
so changes i do make
and i come to find
that even the best
can not make the
fake world perfect with ease
cody dale Aug 2015
Why do we have to feel such loneliness and despair
cody dale Aug 2015
When will the time come
Where i will not have to worry
Or cry
Over the world
When will i be given the chance
To quit hiding my self
And run
Into the widespread arms of confidence
Embraced by the warmth of love and compassion where weeping is no longer a feeling
When will the time come
Where love is powerful
And hate is unknown
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