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Jan 14 · 10
JAATC Jan 14
A smile so bright, make the sun take Yeshe's advice
And check up on its mental, jealously dimmin its light
Same time subtle, as I walk gently in righteousness
Face lookin serious but on the inside I feel so delightful
Conceptually analytic diggin up every root to decipher
*** I polluted as sky due to attachment and desire
And I is non-self existent and I am this mind and body
So I choose to practice dharma til I rest upon peace and enlightenment
And transform my karma, til my debt, is annihilated
And I reach liberation
No time to pause doe, through breaths I strive with a restless aspiration
Til every being is emancipated
From self-*******, delusion and ignorance, all the aggregates
And we all can rejoice in happiness
And salvation
And until we make it
My duty here, on this earth, will always be awaitin
But I ain't troubled *** I fit the placement
Like a center piece on a table I'm centered, focus and able
Tell da world we gon be straight like 180
Oct 2020 · 118
Simple Enough
JAATC Oct 2020
Opening and softening of the heart
Warming the smile and the upward palm
On compassion and wisdom the phoenix soars

A feather's drift
A breeze's kiss
Grace's gift

A righteous path
Creative Nature
A mirror
A reflection

A prayer
Om shanti, shanti om
Atma ki prashanti
Peacefulness of the Self



Is it simple enough yet?
Oct 2020 · 197
All implemented by mind.
JAATC Oct 2020
Uninherently existent and interdependent
A subject's nature is objectivity
Realizing emptiness
Non-doing like fluid taking shape
Desireless volition, pure you can say
In proximity to emanated primordial material
Rays of the Original?

All implemented by mind.

Forms as subtle as ideas
Every idea being,
An electromagnetic field of
Fire and air
Water and earth and ether
A true mage's manipulation
A seed's potential
Hope this aint too metaphysical

All implemented by mind.
All implemented by mind.

Self-grasping ego
Attached to the ever passing
To touch a state where there's no duality
No up or down or here or there
Some call it the true self
Whose nature is omnipresent

All implemented by mind.

Pushing explanation to its extent
Exhausting all conditions, preconceptions and intuition
Nothing to do
Except rest in Presence

All implemented by mind.
Oct 2020 · 47
JAATC Oct 2020
Guard your passions,
And watch your motives
Those ethers always open
And those dark serpents
Be slithering through the grasses
Of your aggregates,
Attached like magnets
Tell me how skillful is your magic?
That static don't cling
To the golden fleece of a master
Moods influenced by I,
So every move made in rapture
Reside in Sukavati,
Calm abiding
In Three Principle Aspects
Renunciation, Bodhichitta, Shunyata
Made actual
Tactical and tactful
While open to spontaneous
A warrior
For peace love and happiness
Oct 2020 · 26
JAATC Oct 2020
Unbearably fortunate
Centered in an Awareness
That's ever growing less and less subtle
As gross and form are dissolving,
Feeling like less of a substance
As my Lord,
Bestows mercy
And I manifest
Raganuga Bhakti,
I serve
Content and compliant
The Now is the Mystery
Magic is the ultimate science
Beyond reliance
Beyond refuge,
The ultimate surrender
The bow of transcendence
Has long ago been flexed,
And these moods here...
Under the shade of a tree in Vrndavan's center
Shouting praises
How I yearn,
For my Dear Krsna
Oct 2020 · 52
JAATC Oct 2020
Take a deep
Breath of the Fragrance
Whose vibe is light
And the wavelength of the cooling breath
Is the matrix
Of a swimming pool
That I'm just a wave in
But with Shaktipat
I'm awakened
As sahasrar blossoms gracefully
Reveling in its radiance
Still I contemplate in the shade of it
As shadows mimic Her play
And these stars mockin' my faith
Can do nothing but smile
As Nataraj takes the stage
Blessed, and I'm content with magic
Though my intellect's still graspin'
I don't even trip
Like between in and exhalation
Or the space
You contemplate from as your thoughts race
Until I reign like King
Over these subtle storms of wonder
Pray to Allah to make it rain
Til' my garment's absorbed in Him
And my performance in harmony
My vehicle's adorning
The Goddess Shakti
And I rest without leaks
In Self Almighty
Homage to Noble Drew Ali
Oct 2020 · 76
JAATC Oct 2020
Rays were made to connect us
Sometimes the clear light ain't always perceptible
So I hope my smile bright and welcoming
And the radiance in my chest can be felt
By my people caught in the matrix,
With no means of helping themselves
Binded in a boundless nature,
That can only be expressed through polarities
To realize That, beyond the mind,
Beyond the grasp of conception
Most of us don't got the skill,
We stuck and condensed intellectually
Taking the individual literal,
I'm in a box and you edged in
Both with no sense to see our perspectives non-separate
Though maybe different, both desiring in particular
But in surrender all desires fulfilled infinitely
To let go is to have it all in the law of antithesis
Similar to how emptiness is bliss
But not in a rational sense
Its more in depth and intimate,
In a self unlimited...
But not to take away from the Beauty and Goodness
The Light that's healing to the touch
The breath of Life un-constricted
That tranquil solitude,
All friction of egos at a distance
A state of union, crossroads of the Gnosis and seeker
Alchemical wedding, Krishna and Radha, Shakti and Shiva
Totality, divine pride, picturing myself as the deity
Expedient means in tantrayana, the highest of vehicles,
Now all I have to do is hold the door for my people
Oct 2020 · 195
JAATC Oct 2020
Palms cupped in gratitude
Graced by the Guru my,
Heart runneth over
Aum tastin' like devotion to me
Adorned upon Shakti
Like a sari, sway fluid
I Deer Park it, dharmabomb,
Narayan, God Zeus it
Thunderbolts expressed through this vishuddha
Creative flow I weild like a sword
And touch samadhi like the largest *****,
Datz da 'skin' if you ain't knew it
I get nerdy like a student
And will spiritual Warrior ll it,
In the face of foolishness
Fearless the Path
I protect, and vow dat
Like a buddhist
Oct 2020 · 134
JAATC Oct 2020
You inspire me to be better
Assertive like heaven
Positive vibes move subtle, etheric wheather
Though not as you think
Subtle like beyond view ;
vibe Grand like da right hand of the spectrum
Young driver but
Dis ain't my first vehicle
Sight like, first-eye wise
O sumtm' of da direction
The blessing is
We can all share this space of awareness
If we step correct
No draggin
No shade
Sun rays
But the method take
A lil "calminuity"
Yeah I get fluid like da element
In the Magic of Creation
No disruption
No displacement
Focus like a blade being sharpened
Home is Presence
Oct 2020 · 55
[untitled] Rebirth
JAATC Oct 2020
Suffering is but love put so beautiful
From the vibrant shades of the astral plane
I open up to my window
To see my shadow so dark and gloomy
As I sing my celestial song
I reflect upon a point
Where I can't quite grasp the melody
Out of touch and not in harmony with Yours Truly
If a tear could mirror my struggles
Put out before my vision
And I can conceptualize
A better time to come in this very moment
Then I must not deny myself
The reality of One
Which habitualizes itself in this continuum
A string of everlastness which forms a net
And all that interconnects
From a source that's omnipotent in Its glory
O Mother,
As my Father works in mysterious ways
And the Law 'IS' which shall not move place
I extend from Your Womb
And excite in Your Grace
As You delight,
In the Eye of my play
Oct 2020 · 30
JAATC Oct 2020
Orbiting from the first eye
To behind the navel
Wit an astral gasp for grace,
Tryna Re-fine my matrix,
As slow as time since I've decelerated
So I gotz to pep it up,
Like herbs ground and shaken
So my sadhana serious, heart light as a feather
And my smile consistent
As Maya play in the weather
Move by spirit in a world moved by commas and decimals
Most are numb, cold, and distant to the Love datz Self
So God emerges from the *****,
As the Heart of a the Path
Gotta synchronize rhythm wit every pulse and step
I AM Man
Not a corporate fictional contract
With a surety of Life
Not a national debt
So set the straw on fire
And let them claim the ashes
Cuz I can hear freedom ringing
And I know how to answer
JAATC Oct 2020
Im tryna
Build a house of gold
But its a straw world, where dey
Freely give diseases and sell antidotes
World, INC.
Commercialised population control
No sovereign man, no sovereign state
Big Bank make the rules
The police are corporate agents
And prisons are big business
Under a government
That's been bankrupt for a century
My straw man is a Trust,
"MY NAME" in all caps on a certificate
As a Citizen
My assets, labour, and energy
Was promised as commerce to back this fictional entity
The fight is perpetual as long as we concede with this system
Is suicide escape or submission?
Wana vow to my people
To be there when they awake but its hopeless
*** in the near and distant future
I can see no changes
Fake smiles as a hypocrite
And all I can do is injustice
As long as I accept it
Is Man the peak of expression,
And is samsara his polarity?
In a non-meta way I aint happy
Oct 2020 · 1.8k
JAATC Oct 2020
Revival of a revolutionary spirit
What I represent?
The Motherland of wisdom
BLACK genesis
Check the pyramids
My heredity IS
God-man manifest in the physical,
And astral and mental
Been mastered every plane of existence
Whole civilizations who understood the Science of Living
Tens of thousands of years before any 'westernized thinking'
An enlightened people
Way before colonialism
How you gon bring democracy (now capitalism in disguise),
To Afrika where it was invented?
And dress ya pawns as 'appointed' leaders
Devil oppressors
Erased our culture, history, and identity
Spiritual genocide by 'Willie Lynching'
Karmically tied to these modern times
I gotz to watch my temper
Lost ONE,
Who found refuge in the Buddha to be most skillful
But what happened to my people?
I just wona know
My whole life,
I was ashamed of being BLACK and didn't know it
Guess it was sub-compartmental
But through practice with experience
Of accumulated virtue
I shed dem old ethers
And broke me down
Psychological brick by brick and rebuilt me
Na I'm ready for war
Oct 2020 · 1.6k
JAATC Oct 2020
Revival of a revolutionary spirit
What I represent?
Dem single mother ******* children
Uneducated, unmotivated, and poverty stricken
Moma pay da rent, da car note, den broke, da game sumtm' slick
So I'm young BLACK and angry, real ****-life *****
Infested communities of drugs and guns thats brought in by the government
So before I move a pack o pull a trigga just tryna win
I'm already guilty, 'until proven innocent'
Ain't dat a *****
The days as slaves and Jim Crow's segregated ways have passed,
Dey sayin'
But I only see it disguised now as a 'color blind' racial caste system
Crooked politicians and sellouts oppressing dey own kin
In the 'pursuit of happiness'
They're privatising prisons for capital
Mass incarceration
How could another life be property?
With a loss of civil rights, even after release
Take it ha you wona
I'm anti-colonialism
Everywhere the 'Albino' go he **** the land and oppress the people
Oct 2020 · 1.5k
In this lively river
JAATC Oct 2020
All I want for my people
Is an education and a means that's skilful
So we can tap into our innate
Compassion and wisdom
We're all wrapped in our personalities
And back at a distance
So we suffer when dealing
With our own brothers and sisters
And I'm a suffering witness
Trying to preach the Science of Living
So as to penetrate the ego
And put us back in position
Like a relaxed spine in meditation
When you're comfortably sitting
The current is a bit too much for most
In this lively river
But when you're able to capture the moment
Waves are still water, like a picture
I hope I paint it vivid
A heart is radiant in Harmony
I hope you catch the rhythm
Imagine in a mirror
Love, compassion, joy, and equanimity
Characteristics of an awakened mind
I'm just trying to reflect its brilliance
Staying mindful
And of self, I try to keep desires empty
To be of benefit
Takes pure will and stainless intentions
Oct 2020 · 112
JAATC Oct 2020
Don't give me the Truth if it ain't naked
Manipulate your form so your curves exaggerated
Playing on my senses with all this fabrication
Made up glamorising everything but yourself
All I can see is the ******* of a latent beauty unexpressed
And the hollow of that cavity at the center of your chest
Fill it up Love
Rest your eye lids
Be still and look within
Concentrate on your breath
Feel that vibration?
That's the secret sensation of the Self
Dear Goddess
Mother of the Word soothing and nourishing
The echoes of your Womb resonated into Soul
Egoistic and foolish
Believing our
Masculine polarity is superior our feminine's
Chaos and not a Cosmos playing falsehood as truth
By Your mercy the veil's lifted and I witness Living Beauty
I AM the Sun
The Son of your potency
I shine like ya
With loving devotional service
Jul 2020 · 1.2k
He asked me to write this
JAATC Jul 2020
Fluttering my orange lotus
Flooding from the inside out

We barely move at all

Drenching in creation
Hungry with a passion

He has me like a gentle song
Warm whispers on my skin
Dripping growls down below

Staying still

Until my existence
is no longer
made up of matter

Jun 2020 · 1.5k
JAATC Jun 2020
my unrest
like good-is-never-good-enough
my fuel to flourish
in unrest I thrive

that unrest
the feeling that enough-is-enough!
an outpour of pain
through unrest we heal

feel unrest
know that you too are enough
love fighting the battle
for unrest means growth.
May 2020 · 1.4k
JAATC May 2020
and every morning
I held my breath
honing the magic
of being alive

but this morning
stifled with tears
for I could breathe
and just be alive

now every morning
exhaling love
to those who breathe
yet oppress life
Jan 2020 · 32
JAATC Jan 2020
Try not to judge
By their darkness.

If you cannot
Their light.
Jan 2020 · 280
Mr. Moon
JAATC Jan 2020
Summer solstice
when our souls
And as your
silver spoon
has fed you good
My mornings
will remain
your bedtime
Just like
we knew
it would.
Oct 2018 · 89
JAATC Oct 2018
only exists
to withhold
us from
into space
Oct 2018 · 70
JAATC Oct 2018
The balance shifts
and cores change
then gravity alters

How to nurture?
No protection or unconditional love


No hope means no fear
Suppressed anger diminishes

Oct 2018 · 68
a decade.
JAATC Oct 2018
It’s been ten years but this memory

will always be one I will remember like it was

last night.

I remember how it rained, it was dark but

not cold at all.

I remember your dads car, the smell of

the end of summer.

I remember how the first tunes reached out

straight to my heart.

I remember how the change came.

I will always remember.
Oct 2018 · 66
your space
JAATC Oct 2018
Some things are really hard to reckon, sometimes you need

friends to show you the galaxy without your bubbly pink sunglasses.

Whether they’ve been there forever, or the rocket has just arrived.

Realise that being you, and loving yourself is the only option you have.
Oct 2018 · 53
JAATC Oct 2018
The flowers are gone. I have been waiting longer than spring could last. Summer

has begun now. And I tend to enjoy every second of it.

I wrote so many chapters on you, but I guess I can

just as well start another book. One without you in it.
Oct 2018 · 134
JAATC Oct 2018
You decided to step into my life, while

I never asked for it. And all of a sudden everything is

different now, nothing is the same.

I don’t recognize the colors.

Shapes and sizes seem out of place.

But then I stop and realize that this world

is all in perspective.

Welcome to my world.
Oct 2018 · 61
twenty-eight I
JAATC Oct 2018
Lovers become friends, buddies turn into lovers.

Hearts get broken along the way..

In the end, everything that seems to be moving my world right now,

will end up being just another chapter in the story of my life.
Oct 2018 · 47
JAATC Oct 2018
Alone amidst a loving crowd
Darkness drags her down
On the shore of hopelessness
This orchid pursues her crown
She fills the ocean with salty tears
Its calm tide crushes at her feet
Persevering vigorous yet composed
But fragile flowers don’t grow at sea
Oct 2018 · 217
JAATC Oct 2018
I giggle
While realising
How ridiculous
This love of ours
Has become.
I love you.
Apr 2018 · 109
JAATC Apr 2018
I will always be
A reflection
Of all the people
That I have ever loved.
Apr 2018 · 105
JAATC Apr 2018
Conditioning a loving heart
Installing buttons on my soul
Pushing boundaries from the start
Aching to control
Icy walls and frozen touch
Everyone at bay
What happened to you my dear one
Truth might make me stay

Thread is thin and feeble


But I’m still holding on

Apr 2018 · 138
JAATC Apr 2018
Misting haze on those well days
And sleepovers and bathtub stays
'Let’s just be friends.' we said
Those ships might sail forever.

Starry nights, hungover fights
Shades to cover summer brights
The boat rocked on a gentle flow
Of rivers, streams and canals

Here comes the sea, one without me?
It’s deep and dark and lovingly.
How smiles turn into broken hearts
where friend-ships can't drift ever.
Jul 2016 · 290
Cabs and kids.
JAATC Jul 2016
Take me for a ride
Take me,
Take advantage.

With you I’m young
Young yet again,

I long for those days,
Old hopes,
Old desires.

Jun 2016 · 215
The right track
JAATC Jun 2016
Raging and squeaking
Icy subterranean rivers
in a city
where every direction
leads to a beginning
or an end.
Jun 2016 · 157
JAATC Jun 2016
Perfection is bliss
A round abyss

Forever I want

Your dark is my favourite color.
Jun 2016 · 416
season change
JAATC Jun 2016
and then the day came and winter blew
away those rainy nights in fall
no more grey burnt hoodies and red wine
at the cinema but back to movies and
blankets on the sofa

— The End —