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Dec 2016 · 150
flowers on the wall
Roshi G Dec 2016
you've seen friends come and go
you've seen people i've never known
you've seen us at our highs and at our lows
you've seen hot summer days and falling snow

you were there during lovers coil
and you sat by through lovers turmoil
and despite the lack of soil
you stayed alive and so loyal

you will never wilt
and your petals never fall
and i will never know who built
all these flowers on the wall
Dec 2016 · 291
loving you
Roshi G Dec 2016
i could still smell the smoke
in the room i entered
i could still hear the cries and chokes
that escaped you
as i read your letter

maybe i'll never see you again
maybe we shouldn't have stayed friends
maybe i should have let it end
cause loving you was just a trend
Oct 2016 · 150
Roshi G Oct 2016
i etched my sorrows on that picnic table
sleeping by the river
and i would have spilled blood if i was able able
cuz i never could forgive her
Roshi G Oct 2016
sounds pouring out the walls
bouncing from ceiling to floor and back again
waiting for a call from a certain friend
never thought today would be the end
of this whole ordeal
although i don't think it is
i tried to steal
but she never missed
never cried over myself
always there for me
never needed my help
and the sounds worked their way back to my ears
pounding, drumming, not quite clear
and i accepted what had become of this day
and anticipated the next
with no delay

— The End —