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Dec 2014
it seems that lately i've been feeling not like myself,
there's been more ebb than flow

so i've decided to do something about it,
and i just thought you should know

i'm going to start dressing better,
really let myself glow

get to know the people i see everyday,
and let my personality show

this is something i never would have thought,
to do a few years ago

it will be hard considering my social skills,
have developed quite slow

this decision for a long time was something that i owe-
myself, and i believe it's time for me to finally take a go
make a change i've wanted for a long time and make it so

will this decision finally give me the ability
to escape this depression and finally throw-
out all this negativity and this endless *woe
December 9, 2014

Written by
Juneau  32/M/Ontario
       ---, Jeanette, Sana, Porsche Newell, --- and 20 others
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