Paul Jones
30/M/UK    A dyad comprises two jolly lines of ten syllables, each line spaced into five. My innovation, inspired by Old English verse and named after the ...
29/F    |Enamoured. To The Moon And Back|
Joel Hayward
Abu Dhabi, UAE    Scholar in the Arabian world and Islamic tradition. Author of many books, including three of poetry
Donna Jones
48/F    My name is Donna I'm getting married next year to my partner of 32 years and together we have six children. I'm a huge passion ...
Los Fucking Angeles    Post-punk digital disaster. SoundCloud
22/F/USA    Knowing is better than wondering, waking is better than sleeping, and even the biggest failure, even the worst, beats the hell out of never trying. ...
Christi Michaels MoonFlower
I hope that my writings touch others as Poetry and Timeless Prosodies have touched me. aka: MoonFlower "Fluer de Luna" Currently recovering from a traumatic ...
Carm Cerdan
16/F/PH    an old soul. reader/writer/poet/art hoe.
Rebecca Yong
13/F/Singapore    yes. no. maybe. poetry. haikus.
14/Hell/Heaven/Something    I promise, I won't hurt you. It's safe to look again
Phenix City    DREAMS
Marie James Alexander
22/Non-binary    Well, isn't that a shame.
Home    I like to write cryptic poems. There is something hidden in my words . You can interpret it anyway , your wish .
Arnauld Jarvis
20/F/Assam, India    A person looking for answers without the perfect questions
Daniel Irwin Tucker
M/Canada    May the voice of the human always be heard above the noise of the human! 2 volumes of verse. Former singer/recording artist/songwriter. 2 albums by ...
15/F/maryland    a sad poet
Nida Mahmoed
26/F/Pakistan    Nida Mahmoed is a Pakistan’s first feminist English poet and author. Throughout her poetry, she engages with the themes of feminism, love and healing. When ...
Ryan Holden
23/M/Middlesbrough - England    Snapchat: vryho274 A Gemini that fell in love with writing. I write lyrics/raps. I also write poetry! I love writing about the melancholy side of ...
20/Neither/in your dreams   
Belongs to the Earth    I write to color my silence with the inks of whispering words of my soul ....
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