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Nika J Feb 6
Blatant words of lost entirety
Gushing as the heart speaks in truth
Entity mimicked wishes
Becomes curse cue
Thumping evil desires ravishes souls hidden dire needs
A messenger of deciet falls upon lap with broken wings
Lies become truth driven and believeth one shall
As the agony of ticking no longer represents time
But a field of panicked heartbeats dodging what's heaven sent
Prayers fall on deaf tone
Leave a message after the beep
Gone like that joyous scent which held the air before
Past tense? Nothing more
A tocking opposite of happiness
Opposite of pride
Opposite of kindness
Rain trickling
Tickling ones skin with cold compressed shivers of vague comfort
Blankets becoming tight no inhale
Licking at the darkness sweltering inside
Empty eyes travel to one shade above
This is the world one resides
When one no longer believes
In Love
Ever lost the ability to love? Feeling betrayed in ways you cannot give or get back? Feels colorless and empty doesn't it? But comforting in its dull wasteland, you begin to LOVE where love doesn't exist...
Nika J Dec 2018
Love, a beautiful four letter word that fits perfectly cuffed in open palms, mere bitterness erupts once teeth sink into the depths of the heart. A painting in shades set tones of delicate warm colors, blanket deceit and everlasting tears. Written ever so sweetly as cursive blots form from ink in a wave-filled flow. Imagery shattered by tainted beliefs of such disgusting betrayals, the lies.

Hide and go seek, peek a boo... It sees you. Playful games of endless child laughter become haunting plagues of broken radios, seizure enticer. Ice filled cups slip chilled liquid to hide from summers wrath, only to fall at what is temporary. An escape way like drugs pushed into veins filling the body with glee as much as  addiction becomes reality.

A false word banged true, but as you spell love and flip it there is something sinister at poisoned claws. Never love, always judge and keep the demons of humanity away. For even the nicest and most understanding human being will tear you apart someday. Believe you are expendable as garbage was once objects of value. Nothing is worth the very base of sanity dripping from fingertips and boiling with air's touch.

Boisterous callings without no place to lay rest. Once a figure beats in innocents, a glorious whole...

That was til love came and infected the soul...
Love isn't always what it seems. A curse wrapped in the velvet definition we all die looking for....
Nika J Aug 2018
We are different
Stride not the same
But we all walk one path
In this tired driven game
We mingle as one
Yet none are of two
We are humanity
Existing as I, them, and you
Grow up differently
All born in not one house
Some have two parents
One, none, or a spouse
Learning some teachings
Go to various schools
Live in different states
Follow same rules
My point maybe mistaken
Don't let me cause confusion
So I'll put this in simple terms
You might find it amusing
With many minds, voices and dreams
We are not the same people
But with two eyes, ears a mouth and nose
We were created equal....
Don't ever put down anyone, when you're looking at them eye to eye.
Nika J Aug 2018
Heart of gold set waves of beckoning rasp tones, breathing ever so sweetly through pursed lips. Mind made of pride, kindness and light. A tongue giving plague upon used.
Rain has fallen, washing rainbows to the core, seeping both poison and antidote within a soul. Bound by thing worth fragile, yet guarded by object hard as wood.
A structure not able to lose a part, for every piece comes crashing. Made within perfection of form, but a raging storm brews in it's core.
Sending that frame born of godly figure to  contorte. Ring, ring, those bells to tell shame, warning to change ways or face reaction. Expressions of that to tell tales of hidden emotions. Lost memories, but never forgotten. Venom bellows inside. Tranquility? Parasitic.
Born only to die, die only to be born. A cycle of time replaying like broken discs, but songs so sweet, thus take no notice. Beautiful yet deadly eyes, drawing forth both best and worst.
Touch guiding pain or that of a safe haven. Fire, dripping from feet burning all in it's path. Evil, with the power to live. All is so alluring, yet in a shell of suffering. Whirling all shards of both Amazing and Disaster into one.
We are bodies only that of broken sanity.
Stories of Gorgeous Calamity.
This poem relates to the human. See if you can figure out what some words may mean. We are all good and bad in one. Sometimes one shines more than the other
Nika J Aug 2018
You can do so much, yet choose to be brittle
When your heart yearns more, instead, you do little
Never fully expanding your soul, to take on great things you know
And the only thing holding you back is yourself
Take a mountain, force it small... it becomes a hill
But unleash the lock to its heart and it beats with will
Looking low while the sky is up in blue
For only seeing what's below
Not what's infront of you.
Raise your head up high everyone! And stop holding yourself back.
Nika J Aug 2018
Everyone and Everything ends up leaving in the end..
So what choices can we make to force em to stay?
Beautiful minutes only for a moment...
Precious moments only for a minute...
Then like water, when dried by sun, they go...
What is there, but memories wishing to forget?
And sadness boiling beneath skin.
A touch of corrosion upon the heart
Seemingly shattered by calamity.
A tasteless march through storage spaces of lost love and never caring enough
Dashed with nothing but an empty veil we try to fill.
If everyone is only here for the moment
What's the realization of allowing your own self to withstand being used by humanity?
Never forgive those who have once walked out... and try to come back.
Trust has died and that pain is not something you can take back...
Regret means nothing when you've damaged a soul
And to think it meant nothing to you but to move on was for you
Don't come back now looking to tie the broken pieces you left behind
Sheer boredom? To reopen gashes that left scares but have healed with phantom pain...
Your existence is a reminder of the hauntings that has plagued the heart
Your words are like venom and your eyes are... lying.
Forgetting the idea that you drug along another soul
Whispers of sweet goodbye's become a resting tragedy that ears hear...
Then you smile, joke and laugh to the one you brought hurt
Redemption, forgiveness you desire it, eh?
You forget the unforgotten...
One cannot erase pain...
Nika J Jul 2018
Here's a poem from a lonely soul
A fiddle that's incomplete
When everything runs in two's
A lonely soul runs inbetween
A place near not to call home
Its a struggle day by day
Its even harder when that lonely soul
Loses its way.
When mountains break down and creates beautiful grains of sand
As valcanoes errupt beneath water creating bodies of land
Rain trickles from skies and quenches grounds thirst
As we all know every ocean is gods purse
Unlucky battles of sweet justice tell no lie
But all that repeats in a lonely souls head is why?
Why is the sky blue?
Why the sun shines?
Why does my heart beat hurt?
Why won't I die?
You know a lonely souls knows the darkest of objects might
Yet, a lonely soul lacks happiness within sight
Those silly dreams and romantic movies
They're not beautiful, yes why?
They're a constant reminder to the lonely soul a reason to cry.
Love is eternal its a good thing to gain...
To a lonely soul like mine, we tend to remember only pain...
The diary of a broken soul...
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