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Something about you
it’s like fire unite with water
From crescent tears to shallow minds
a cosmic feeling that's one of a kind

I know I’ts wrong
I know it might take long
For you to accept
the forbidden roses I bloom inside your heart

With sharp edges I try to be soft
Be naive
Be dense
Yet at the end
it all doesn’t make sense

This feeling is wrong
im not suppose to feel like this
Not suppose to drown in your ocean
The oceans of enigmas
that hides in your cold enchanting air

Question marks all over my head
All hanging in one thread

It holds my heart in one loop
Of faith and hope
Of love and hate
And the questioning fate

Maybe i love you
yet the soil is grey

Its too late to bloom.
A Poem about a honest feeling for a person that's meant to be forbidden. Whereas the person is not on your ground anymore, not ready to bare with your fragile sensitive heart. Hence, you think its too late to accept this feeling. Because time says it so.

— The End —