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Nov 2014
Far away on tides of blue,
father still then havens of gray.
Stretching across those wondrous fields
farther still then the breaking day.
Reaching fourth strands of hope,
grasping for life in the depths.

A light appears in the mire,
a hope filled with deepest desire.
The eminence of this light priceless
the glory of its beauty,

The stars gleam
the darkness beams,
the heavens soar
and the moon drifts and dreams.

The night is alive
under this sleepless light,
stars shift and sway.
To the beat of its reflecting gleam,
the galaxies drift away, away.

The wolf cries mournfully
to it's long lost love.
The moon in return
shines all the brighter.

The heavens rejoice
for the light is theirs,
the songs of the deep
rising higher and higher.
The night is alive
under the sleepless light,
The stars arrayed in all their splendor.

The night is alive with color and life
Love and peace,
beauty and such magnificence.

When the sleepless lights
shines ever bright,
the darkness fades
and the night comes alive.
Mark Steigerwald
Written by
Mark Steigerwald  Virginia
   Zachary E Tenney
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