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Oct 2014
He was such a sweet talker,
Met him at a real nice bar
He didn't have a ring on
I didn't know it would go so far

Yes, he is a charming *******
That sounds like his M O
Always getting drunk in a bar
Looking for his next ***

That's not how it was
He wasn't even that drunk
I see it all clearly now
His lies all stunk

The first thing I thought
as I saw you two together
Is not what a lady should say
So I think that I had better
Keep my mouth shut
And rise above the situation
Calling you a ****
Would just start a confrontation.

Listen here, "wife"
I didn't know he was married,
Thats not my type.
Throw away this hatchet you carried
I'm not the one you should be madΒ at,
He's been doing this behind BOTH our backs!

That is fine "mistress"
I think we can both agree
He is the one to blame and
it shouldn't be taken out on you or me
Now the hatchet that you talk of
The one that I have carried
I know what we should do
And where it should be buried

Who knows how many times
He's sweet talked an innocent girl
We could do something real nice
To rock his fantasy world
What do you say, you and me?
I think this could be destiny.....

**To Be Continued.....
Such a joy to work with Kalypso, she's such a funny sweetheart.Β Β 

Hope you enjoyed this and look forward to the next installment "This Is Fun" :)
The Girl Who Loves You
Written by
The Girl Who Loves You  Within My Heart
(Within My Heart)   
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