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Oct 2014
The ******* sufferer beholds another necrologue for Christ
In the savage, barren, ugly, wretched wilderness of God
Forsaken wanderer, alone again forevermore
His crippled heart is a raging fire trapped in a cage of ice
Beyond these walls of darkness, waiting in the shadows
that obscure the night so well
The hiding place of Hell
The path of fire burns on, ever in the silence of the night as it shines
in the eternal void of light
And I will walk the dark path infernal
Left in the razor edge balance
Between the shadows of the night
And incendiary light
I will walk the dark path eternal
Pleasures of the mind and treasures of the flesh
Temptation. Reward. Validation. Disinterest.
A cycle of cannibalism - inhumane
Channel the rage to desire, and feed her the pain
She so needs, she so craves, she is begging you for
Feed her the pain and call her a *****
Deep inside, the fire in those eyes
Give her what she needs to remember she's alive
Tread lightly through the fire of the dark path infernal
Remember the cold. Remember the slumber.
Between the shadows of the night and incendiary light
We will walk the dark path eternal
Now walk with me forever
And I will never leave your side
Walk with me forever
Between the shadow and the light
Walk with me forever
On this dark path infernal
With me, eternally
Alive on the Black Path of Night!
Another stream of consciousness piece from Fall 2012. Obviously there's something ****** to do with it but other than that idk what this is about either.
Xan Abyss
Written by
Xan Abyss  Palm Springs, CA
(Palm Springs, CA)   
     Traveler and Kelly Rose
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