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Aug 2014
My one mistake was that I didn't make more
I spin and twirl over an impossible girl
Energy expelled on a perpetual war
Watching as the robins unfurl

From your record store I did adore
And from that ****** place I did implore
I searched so that I could be sore no more
Trying to simplify what's on the other side of my eye
Where panic and bliss fly and fear and loathing kiss
It's better to be alone then be surround by people that make you feel alone, like you have no home.
I sleep now on the fire, waking in sweat as I fight and fret over the problem of the day.  But I never bother to pray. Are we made in Gods image ?we are afraid and unhappy so I hope he is too
I don't want to be another statistic of the Suicide Production Company
In a world with an end why prolong the inevitable I want this on my own teams I'll take my live in my own hands I'll take my life by my own hands
Tyler Cobain
Written by
Tyler Cobain  Ireland
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