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Aug 2014
I'm sick and I'm tired of these men always tellin me
I gotta be round, *****, curvy and sultry

To be down with the boys I must want all the novelties
They fantasize about in their minds, sprinkled with misogyny 

Lookin up and down, undressin me with droolin eyes
Can't walk across busy streets without feelin victimized

Violated in public, creeps sneakin peaks up my skirt
All cause I wore tight clothes with a lower cut shirt 

Is this all I am, some delectable tasty treat?
Just cause you think I'm delicious don't mean I want your meat
I'm vegetarian now, keep your distance please 
Only hungry for life and creativity 

Yearnin to grow and continue to educate
Myself even if that means makin mistakes

Already have media fillin my brain with these lies
Don't need to be feelin your hands up my thighs

No I'm not your girl, don't even wanna look at you
Cuz you'll misunderstand my glance for bein into you 

So what if you call me a ***** or a ****?
Don't care-I won't be the chick bustin your nuts

Just want my mothers and daughters and sisters to know
We're not created to give men any type of show
We're human beings capable of thinking and feeling
As well as making decisions, we have a purpose, a meaning
Other than getting all **** and appealing 

Silenced and bogged down by society 
Women ***** and murdered, blamed for their femininity

It's a shame men don't realize without us they would never be
We're the only *** on this earth capable of maternity 

As breeders of life we nurture and care
Yet our voices seldom heard, like we're not even there

It's time women put a stop to this ****** up ideology
That we matter far less than our male counterparts  - what equality?
Hating on feminism just because they don’t see
This world overflowing with double standards and ongoing dichotomy
Between the two sexes- sure it’s not how it used to be
But sexism runs rampant and will for eternity
Unless we all - men and women - fight against it globally.
Long over due. Inspired by a time when I caught a guy trying to look up my dress with his phone.
Watch me recite it here
Melody Jennings
Written by
Melody Jennings  Chicago
   BarelyABard, nat and Akira Chinen
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