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Melody Jennings Sep 2014
Stuck in a rut
On the notion of what
I thought true love was
So unclear and uncut

I know how I feel
Not misguided nor surreal
Instead my heart resembles
Exposed film on a reel

If only we would
Just post produce what we could
Cut out all the bad parts
And keep only the good

But that's not realistic
You need methods to fix it
Since ours weren't working
We were destined to split

Not crying this time
Officially in my prime
But still struggling to accept
You will never be mine

Now all the memories tucked away in my brain
Being played on repeat, driving me insane
Still feeling that heartbreak
Pumping strong through my veins
And knowing I won't have
What we had ever again.
Breakups are the worst. Thank the universe for poetry.

Melody Jennings Sep 2014
If I laid with someone else tonight
I'd know in my heart it wouldn't feel right

My heart is yours, tried to take it back
Now I see it doesn't work like that

I'm not lonely- I just want you
But you don't want me, what's a girl to do?

Keep kicking myself for the things that I've done
Pushing you away, making you run

Far from hurtful words I said
Wish I could turn back time and retread

The tires worn from our relationship
Unfixable problems, no way to mend it

At least that's what you keep telling me
"We're better separate, not as a we"

But then why can't I seem to shake this feeling?
Struck by true love, no cure for healing

A broken heart, with broken parts
Millions of pieces falling apart

Picking them up one by one
Only to find more and more and then some

Left all alone, but I'm not afraid
Because you'll always be in my heart and forever on my brain
Melody Jennings Sep 2014
I miss you when the cool breeze blows
I miss your arms that held me close

I miss your soft breath on my cheek
I miss your whisper when you'd speak

I miss how warm your body felt
I miss how fast you made me melt

I miss the passion fueled by love
I miss the friendship we let go of

I miss the laughs we used to share
I miss your fingers through my hair

I miss your silly obnoxious jokes
I miss the clever words you spoke

I even miss the terrible fights
I miss you saying "it'll be all right"

I miss every imperfection you had
I miss us believing we'll never go bad

But what I miss the most of all
I just miss you.. my "wonderwall".
Melody Jennings Aug 2014
I unfriended you on Facebook,
unfollowed on twitter & instagram
All because you were
and now you’re not my man

I hesitated at first
I truly didn’t want to
But I had no choice
as soon as we were through

Cause the pain I feel is real
from our last breakup fight
You left me all alone
crying through the night

So why would I stay friends?
What I want we cannot be
You seem to think it's fine
despite the hurt you caused me

Now my mind’s consumed
by all our memories
Our laughs, your kisses & smile
just feels like a distant dream

How is it that I thought our love
was an amazing rarity?
Instead it was a messed up fate
controlled by insecurity

But even so I lay in bed
depressed, without a plan
All because I thought you were
and now you’re not my man
Melody Jennings Aug 2014
I'm sick and I'm tired of these men always tellin me
I gotta be round, *****, curvy and sultry

To be down with the boys I must want all the novelties
They fantasize about in their minds, sprinkled with misogyny 

Lookin up and down, undressin me with droolin eyes
Can't walk across busy streets without feelin victimized

Violated in public, creeps sneakin peaks up my skirt
All cause I wore tight clothes with a lower cut shirt 

Is this all I am, some delectable tasty treat?
Just cause you think I'm delicious don't mean I want your meat
I'm vegetarian now, keep your distance please 
Only hungry for life and creativity 

Yearnin to grow and continue to educate
Myself even if that means makin mistakes

Already have media fillin my brain with these lies
Don't need to be feelin your hands up my thighs

No I'm not your girl, don't even wanna look at you
Cuz you'll misunderstand my glance for bein into you 

So what if you call me a ***** or a ****?
Don't care-I won't be the chick bustin your nuts

Just want my mothers and daughters and sisters to know
We're not created to give men any type of show
We're human beings capable of thinking and feeling
As well as making decisions, we have a purpose, a meaning
Other than getting all **** and appealing 

Silenced and bogged down by society 
Women ***** and murdered, blamed for their femininity

It's a shame men don't realize without us they would never be
We're the only *** on this earth capable of maternity 

As breeders of life we nurture and care
Yet our voices seldom heard, like we're not even there

It's time women put a stop to this ****** up ideology
That we matter far less than our male counterparts  - what equality?
Hating on feminism just because they don’t see
This world overflowing with double standards and ongoing dichotomy
Between the two sexes- sure it’s not how it used to be
But sexism runs rampant and will for eternity
Unless we all - men and women - fight against it globally.
Long over due. Inspired by a time when I caught a guy trying to look up my dress with his phone.
Watch me recite it here
Melody Jennings Aug 2014
You awoke my heart with just one look
A big warm smile was all it took

With two hands on my waist you kept
And guided me with every step

We laughed we loved, our passion grew
I just couldn't get enough of you

Despite my depression and pain inside
You so easily made me realize

It's what's on the inside that people see
But I just didn't think very much of me

I hated everything I saw
Even though you'd say that's my only flaw

That I couldn't love myself at all
And I'd keep putting up these walls

"It's so simple" you'd always say,
Yet I kept pushing you away

Until that final fateful push
Was really all it took

To break everything we had
Sleeping in, laughing, loving- in an instant went bad

And because of me it's done
You were my punching bag, too late to run

Back into your arms where it was all okay
It's not anymore, I couldn't make you stay

Because I ended us in just one night
You won't take me back. We're done. You were right.

— The End —