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Jul 2014
Breaking through rows of hull grins
Taking the midnight train to the brain
But it seems impossible to the naked eye
'I can do this' he said
A storm of chuckles burst into the night
Leaving eminent traces of happiness

Grappling on dear life
She wonder if she’ll survive
If she can pull this through
Breaking amends and grazing on truth
The imminent outcome to foresee
What speaks and what lies beneath

He still remembered that day at the library
Where she fell and he yelled
His left foot swollen due to her pointed heel
But it was worth the pain
Millions of other fragments could never beat this

They started spending a little each day-
Bartering hilarity on lame anecdotes
Reading together without imparting words
They both felt it
This intense chemistry

Pretense running weary
Who would make the first move?
The fear of getting rejected
Injected to the head
He finally confessed
But it was too late
He will never be hers
She will never be his
She made him promise her relentlessly
That he’ll find someone again
Her life filched gradually
And finally came to an end

Fragments lingered till this very day
*The ones who came after will never be the same.
You know those tear jerking films you watched. It's really sad to watch if one of them dies at the end. In reality the one who's left alive has no more tears to cry. It's dry. And I don't know if I'll ever meet someone like her again. I might fulfill that promise, or I might break it. I don't know.
All I know, I'll never forget every fragment, It'll always linger. 28 July 2010
Written by
Erenn  Singapore
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