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  Feb 2016 smriti chandra
Love should Make
It should not have any Fake

Love should show Happiness
Instead it shouldn't show what is sadness

Love should be a Creator
In spite of destroying the inner destroyer
Love's should & shouldn't
  Feb 2016 smriti chandra
A Blissful Morning Blooms
A Beautiful Bird Sings

And I Thinks
Am going to have a blessed today
Hope something good for today
Almighty,Praise you!!!!Amen.
  Feb 2016 smriti chandra
Megan Rose
I don't understand how
you can be like this
every time I try to get over you,
you do something
that makes me fall
head over heels in love with you

and the worst part
is that I'm not in love with you
I'm just in love with the idea of you
the idea that someone likes me
that someone wants to be with me
but no one does
you don't.
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