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Jul 2014
The world is not as it seems
I've seen my life end a thousand times
In someone elseโ€™s prognostic dream

I have no name just a rank
As my years from home towered
My faith in humanity sank

When I commit suicide can it be said I died in battle?

I fear I am trivial
The last of mine kind
But I am not endangered because nobody cares

I see the world for how it is
Patterns, patterns within patterns repeated
A once unstoppable force now crippled and defeated

I do not morn or pity the dead
I envy them they're better off in my head
I'm the survivor but to what end?

When I commit suicide can it be said I died in battle?

My goldfish died, number three hundred and five
He was all I had in the world, he was my world
But I'll buy another bringing him back alive

I don't miss my family
I wasn't taught how
It isn't my fault I am cold and shallow

I've killed and saved
I've reassured those who'll never be cured
But when I'm dead I'll be called well behaved

But I'm the light of the world just more depraved
Tyler Cobain
Written by
Tyler Cobain  Ireland
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