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Apr 15
You stand in front of me, eyes wide.
Those eyes stare at me.
Big and bulging yet beautiful nonetheless.
Eyes that describe a thousand words in a look.

They can describe pain and misery through their greyish blue colour with a piercing stab straight into my heart making me question what it is they want, and why I’m scared.

Or, the blue colour comes to life and you tell me stories of the sky, the sky that resembles the colour of your eyes. Happy tales of a better time or a bright future.

or the scariest of them all.

they say nothing

there is no blue

there is no light

it’s grey
and you’re done looking at me

But for now, your eyes stare at me.
It isn’t a blue,
or a grey
Or even a blueish grey.

It’s just your eyes staring at me, and I stare back.
There aren’t a thousand words.
There isn’t a story.
It’s just you,
and it’s just me.

It’s a nice feeling.
You blink.
I blink back.
Eyes are a gateway to another world.
The Triple L
Written by
The Triple L
   Leone Lamp
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