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42 40m
First idea
Last dream
So many all the day
In between
42 2d
They were so much fun
Everything I needed
42 3d
Headed home
To wash off the dirt
& all the rest from the days
I've turned
42 3d
I took nothing out of that
But water in my braids
It took so much from me
& filled me the same
42 3d
Lips tasting of mango
***** paws
Dusty boots
Pressing the soft mosses
of the waterfalls
Running over thin wrists
Misting a worrisome brow
The clouds hung low until the light shown through
42 7d
The work is such solace
The stoic bliss of doing
Restriction breeds liberation
Structure provides stability
Tradition instills ritual
The work carves us
as we carve it
Time grows us as we shape ourselves
Our spaces, our strengths
Earthy, selective, solid
Virtues and values
Character and
Columns and rungs
A vessel built of your own
deliberate choosing
Which will carry you through
cold december waters
Pillars of imagination and materialization
Grounded in cool dark dirt
The fine things in life are bittersweet
Ripening with age
Unexpressable to those
who do not know
42 Jun 27
When I close my eyes
Im always seeing that sky
Above that hill
Where the coast clouds lie
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