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Jun 2020
so do i love you
or do i just love the way you hold me
and tuck my hair behind my ears
or how you kiss me feverishly
and run your fingers through my hair
or when you stare into my eyes
and break into a crooked smile
or when your hand grabs mine
and leads me to your bedroom
or how you giggle when i brush your knee
and challenge me to an all-out tickle brawl
or when you walk me home
and keep your arm around me at all times
or how our goodbyes seem hours long
and end with a flirty "see you"

but when will i see you next
and why do we have to say goodbye
i will miss your arms around me
and i hate watching you walk away
when will our next battle be
because i don't giggle when you're gone
and is your room lonely without me
does your hand miss holding mine
you never failed to make me smile
or make my eyes sparkle with joy
your hair was so soft and fun to play with
i've never been kissed like that before
i would never tuck my hair behind my ears
do you feel empty when i'm not there to hold
so do you love me

or does this just stay on our street
and will it fade when summer ends
do i let you see my tears
and do i tell you that i love you
or do i smile, shake your hand
thank you for a fun quaran-fling
and leave it there?
because i think i love you
but that's too dangerous
nothing's been defined
and we are in too deep
"no strings attached"
but to you i always will be
and when our thread breaks
so will my heart
all i ask
is that
you don't forget me.

please don't forget me.
Written by
Grace Haak  19/F/Arizona
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