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Mar 16
Your eyes were my own private river, bathing in the ring of blue around your iris. Enamored with the greenery protected by your eyelashes.
November to February not long enough to drown beneath them

I am plagued by the ghost of your reassuring caress
Your breath during nighttime a missing comfort
For alone I am surrounded by darkness.
Moments spent cradling cobwebs of each-others limbs
Intricate designs casting from our bodies as we felt like one in the same.
Our allure as a couple outshone the mundanes of just a ****** attraction
My soul felt yours

         ­                                     but I am alone,
     ­                                          with the overbearing grief of love lost.

                                                       ­                                  March 16th, 2020

                                      please find your way back home.
Mourning the loss of love
Written by
Ameliorate  30/Canada
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