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Dec 2019
There was once a world,
It was filled with turmoil and burned,
sure wasn’t pretty from what I’ve heard,
until the humans arrived as a timely herd.

Building many a wooden castle,
hunting and gathering for a borderless travel,
toiling and tilling for the prize of a cattle,
sweating and smelting for they were worthy of a muscle.
When they grew food, the world breathed happy.

Three pounds of a brainy miracle,
launching many civilizations in a circle,
getting a man on the moon by flying like an eagle,
When they sought new future, the world dazzled in their presence.

I find this tribe is starting to drift,
causing many a rift,
perhaps going back to their roots of borderless travel and mutual admiration,
may become their ultimate gift.
Oh, wait I am part of them,
let me be that human today.
The world can look pretty like before.
TS. 2019. Meliorism - idea that world can be made better by human effort. Took that as the main cue to elaborate my thoughts. Let me know how it reads
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