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I had a globe in my hand,
at an age I couldn’t fully understand,
it was made of rubber,
and could expand,
let it float the creek water,
to play catch on the other side as planned,
alas it floated away before my feet was out of sand.

It was my first terrible loss,
I didn’t know the emotion that I came across,
couldn’t get sleep as I turned and tossed,
blaming and demeaning myself for what I had lost,
at an age when I didn’t know what this pain had cost.

Bright and early the sun beamed,
at a face that felt redeemed,
it was all creek’s fault to have me schemed,
act of nature that took my globe away as it seemed.
quickly moving on not searching for a mossy robe,
focusing instead on finding a new globe.

Denial helped me learn,
living in pain would have me at a point of no return,
I was now on the beach thinking about more important earthly concern.
TS. 2019.  Contest entry - "power of denial and managing pain"
Written by
TravelingStranger  M/USA
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