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you and I go wrong-
you **** my soul of order,
leave me with hollow song-
You leave me with the lyrics
of days and nights grown long
of missing you and feeling too
That we were contaminated;

but there’s nothing left for me alone.
Christine Ely Aug 31
Your inappropriate
(though sweet)
is worth but four dollars
in my pocket
and refuse torn up in the recycling bin?
We went out just twice in early December, but you decided it was ok to drop off a Christmas gift at my home address.
Christine Ely Jul 10
and then we repent”
We chase what we want until
wanting is spent-
We indulge, and imbibe,
and consume it and him,
we take her, we take some,
we light up and inhale
til the world’s in a spin.
Or, at least, that’s what youth
is when you try not to fear-
My nerves live with me intimately
and I’m practically immortal,
but not in the good way.
Fear lives in my head rent-free. I feel like I’m missing out on my youth.
Christine Ely May 10
She’s covering hickies
They’re walking in the halls
He cups her face, it’s sweetness
and this preoccupation cannot go wrong-
I wanted emotion
Make me feel alight like in the summertime
Touched by the golden light of the campfire

Is youth not for flirty things
And **** clothes...
...trysts and flings...
This type of youth was but a fantasy
not for them but for me.
  Jan 13 Christine Ely
she is a happy ending,
not everyone can wait for.
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