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Nov 2019
Tides were turning,
are we going upstream or downstream,
not sure,
are the clouds darkening or clearing up,
not sure of that either.

Can a blind oarsman
steady his ship?
Can a rudderless ship
survive the storm?

Heart’s not a sheet of glass
to be broken by a pebble
thrown by a passerby.
Strength of the muscle is in its wisdom.
Anoint it with intuition.

Losing the knights
may erode a powerhouse, yet
castling the king side,
will build an impenetrable fortress
with lowly pawns.

King will rule.
Kingdom will reign.
You are not the only
one on this type of a boat.
Yes, it is about life. Such is life and the unknown future (clouds,
Upstream or downstream, and we all are blind oarsmen) intuition and wisdom as the lowly pawns building our fortress.
Or at least that is the idea!
Written by
     CnΓ© and ---
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